Wacky Welcome

Wacky Welcome


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Days 20 - 23 DSDUCJFC

Hi Blogger Friends.  GUESS WHAT??  I WON!  I actually won the 2014 Smalls SAL being hosted by Heather from Stitching Lotus.  I'm still in shock.  Look at all the gorgeous things she sent me.  Beautiful fabric - one can never have enough DMC floss and these are their newest colors - cute scissors and amazing Swarovski Crystals including the heart.  Thank you so much Heather.  It was well worth stitching a small each month and I am so looking forward to more smalls this year.

Day 20 - Yearly Santa 1994 - Prairie Schooler

Day 21 - Pretty Little Sydney - Satsuma Street  (I just read on Facebook that she is working on Chicago now)

Day 22 - Bazinga! - Clouds Factory - (This is the word that Sheldon uses on The Big Bang Theory when he thinks he's fooled someone.)

Day 23 - Funky Cats - Linda Bird - Cross-Stitch and Needlework Nov. '14 - I don't normally like these kind of designs but this one just yelled out at me.

Thanks for looking.    Linda 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Days 16 - 19 DSDUCJFC - CAL - TUSAL

Hi Blogger Friends.  Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my last posts.  I really do appreciate them.  Several of you mentioned 365 starts in your comments.  No way!!  My plan after the 59 starts - when I finish 1 - I will start 5.  I'm partially blind in my right eye and some days my left eye doesn't see real good.  I don't know how many more years I will be able to stitch.  So, if I never finish any of them I can at least say I got to work on all the ones that I wanted to.  First up:

Week 4 - Mini Rings of Change Crochet along - This is being hosted by Kate of Stitches, Scraps and Sparkles in the Sun.  This is so much fun.   I sure didn't want to stop.  I can see so many more afghans being made in this color combination.

Day 16 - Disney Princesses - Wee Little Stitches

Day 17 - Istanbul - Tiny Modernist  (Just noticed she has 8 more of these that I don't have.)

Day 18 - Pretty Little Amsterdam - Satsuma Street  (Just finished cutting the fabric for all 10 of them so I can start for the challenge.)

Day 19 - By Golly Be Jolly - Santa 2000 - Lizzie Kate

It's time for our first Totally Useless Stitch along post of the year.  This is where we save our floss or yarn ends and post a picture of them on the New Moon.  That floss jar looks really sad for having 19 starts in it.  (I do use my floss down to nubbins)

Thanks for looking.   Linda

Friday, January 16, 2015

Days 13,14 and 15 - DSDUCJFC

Hi Blogger Friends.  Again and AGAIN I'm being bad at replying to comments and I am sorry.  I'm going to catch up with them I swear.  Please forgive me and don't desert me.  I have over 200 blogs in my sidebar and I read them everyday and comment.  I'm still getting lots of Mail Delivery Status Failure.  My comment posts on your blog but not to your email.  Does anyone know how to fix it?
My new starts:

Day 13 - I'm Right - Waxing Moon Designs

Day 14 - Halloween Rules - Lizzie Kate

Day 15 - Pretty Little San Francisco - Satsuma Street  (Debbie was going to stitch Italy and Paris)

Thanks for looking.   Linda

Oh thought I'd mention that I didn't like the number 297 so it is now up to 318.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Jan. Gifted Gorgeousness SAL

Hi Blogger Friends.  This is the first post for the above SAL.  It is being hosted by Jo of Serendipitous Stitching.  Briefly, we are to stitch charts/kits, fabric, etc. that were gifted to us or you can work on something that you are giving as a gift.  You can read all about it HERE.  I have to say that I am very very sorry to any of you that have given me charts, etc.  My poor old brain can't remember yesterday let alone a year ago.  I wasn't smart enough to write things down in a notebook.  So I will just say thank you to everybody now.

I do remember this one.  This was sent from Sharon as a get well gift back in Dec. 2013.

This one was a traveling pattern that I forgot I had.  I am so sorry to who ever sent it to me and will get it finished and pass it on.

Thanks for looking.   Linda

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Crochet a-long

Hi Blogger Friends.  I finally started the CAL.  You can read about it HERE and see progress pics of the other crocheters.

Mini Rings of Change CAL

Week 1
Week 2
 Week 3

I will be having my 4 year Blogaversary in March and will be having a giveaway.  Would you like to win this or would you prefer a gift certificate to an ONS?

Thanks for looking.    Linda

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Days 10,11 and 12 - DSDUCJFC

Hi Blogger Friends.  Here are my next 3 starts.

Day 10 - Christmas Rules - Give Santa Cookies - Lizzie Kate

Day 11 - Biker Santa - Stoney Creek  (This is one that Debbie was going to start)

Day 12 - Gryffindor Crest - The World in Stitches -  (you can see a picture there)

Final count on the fabric I cut (I hope).  When I say my projects are kitted up - it is just the fabric.  I have a complete set of DMC on bobbins and just work out of the floss boxes.  However, for the really huge pieces, they have their own floss.

168 pieces cut in the last 3 weeks
    6 kits
123 previously kitted in the last 3 years - (I have 9 sets of 12 Lizzie Kate:  monthly stamps and blocks, Boo Club, etc.)
297  TOTAL

My brilliant idea is after the 59 starts - when I finish 1 I will start 5.  I will have at least 12 small finishes.

Thanks for looking.   Linda

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Days 7, 8 and 9 of DSDUCJFC - Turtle Trot SAL - YOTA SAL

Hi Blogger Friends.  This is a combination post.  First up are my last 3 days of starts for Debbie's challenge.

Day 7 - Los Angeles - tinymodernist

Day 8 - Pretty Little Barcelona - Satsuma Street - I love the colors in this one

Day 9 - Flip-it - Santa - Lizzie Kate

It's Turtle Trot time.  This is a SAL being hosted by Claudette of BAP Attack.  We pick 10 projects to work on throughout the year and see how many we can work on each month.  We post a before and after picture on the 10th of the month.  I actually managed to finish 4 last year.
This was the first month I was bad and didn't work on them.  However, I did do a little on the 3 new ones that I added.  I have to make up for it this month.

1.  Seasonal Cat Welcome - Diane Arthurs

2.  Pretty Little New York - Satsuma Street

3.  Disney Heroe's #16 - Alina's XStitch

Disney Heroes N16. Counted Cross Stitch Pattern.  PDF Files.

4.  Winter Alphabet - Lizzie Kate

5.  Mitten Friends - Diane Arthurs

6.  Mermaid Myrna - Diane Arthurs

7.  Autumn Season - Sandra Cozzolino

8.  ABC Christmas - Lizzie Kate

9.  March Sampler - Waxing Moon

10.  6 Fat Men - Lizzie Kate - 1 finish a year is going to take another 4 years!?!?!

It's Year of the Acronym time again.  This is where we pick a project and work on it during the month and post a before and after picture on the first Saturday.  It is being hosted by Pull the Other Thread.  She let us post today because of it being the new year.  I didn't work on this one the past month either.

Cut-thru North Pole House - Bothy Threads

Cut Thru' North Pole House

I want to thank each and every one of you for joining me in my Debbie challenge.  It means the world to me. I also have 201 members in my facebook group.  Because of all you wonderful enablers, I need to go cut more fabric.  lol

Thanks for looking.   Linda

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Days 5 and 6 - DSDUCJFC

Hi Blogger Friends

Day 5 - Kitty String - Lizzie Kate

Day 6 - Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock from the Big Bang Theory.  (Here is a youtube video)

This is Autumnal Abstract by Vervaco.  I watched Rachel stitching on this and just fell in love with it.  She had a giveaway for the chart and in an around about way - I WON it.  I'm so darn excited.  (picture borrowed from her blog)

AND, Rachel also sent me these adorable charts.  They are a little calendar of Joan Elliott designs.  They were in the WOCS magazine.  They are just adorable.  I will be doing these as a SAL with Mii.

I need to go cut 52 more pieces of fabric.

Thanks for looking.  Linda

Monday, January 5, 2015

Day 3 and 4 - DSDUCJFC

Hi Blogger Friends.  I finally finished cutting fabric yesterday.  It took ALL day.  I am waiting on a few charts and will have to cut fabric when I receive those.

164 - pieces of fabric cut the last week or so
    7 - kits
  19 - I already had kitted up

190 ready to start.  I did good.  (I'm guessing that I will keep starting until I have started all the ones I really really want to work on.)

Day 3 start

Day 4 start (my favorite designer)

Thanks for looking.  Linda

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Day 2 - DSDUCJFC and SAL's

Hi Blogger Friends.  I'm still on track.

The Big Bang Theory - Wee Little Stitches
This is my all time favorite show in the whole wide world.  I tried for the 3 1/2 years that I knew Debbie to get her to watch this show.  She never did.  She told me she didn't want to watch a bunch of science nerds.  LOL

Onto ALL the stitch-a-longs that I signed up for.  Oh somebody help me please.

1. Debbie's Super Duper Ultimate Crazy January/February Challenge.  You can read all about it HERE.
I also started a facebook group and you can join HERE.
In case you don't know who Debbie is:  this is my favorite picture of her.

2. Turtle Trot - This is being hosted by Claudette of BAP Attack.  We pick 10 projects to work on through the year and post before and after progress pictures on the 10th of each month.  You can still sign up HERE.

3. Smalls SAL - This is hosted by Heather of Stitching Lotus.  You stitch a small project during the month and post on the last Wednesday.  You can sign up HERE.

4. Gifted Gorgeousness - This is hosted by Jo of Serendipitous Stitching.  You can still sign up and read all about it HERE.

5. Stitch From Stash - Hosted by Mel of Epic Stitching.  This one is closed.  I can spend $25.00 a month on stash.  (good luck with that).

6. A New Stitchy Start - Hosted by Tammy of I Want to do One More Stitch.  This one is also closed.  We started a BAP on January 1 and will post progress pictures the end of the month.

7. TUSAL - Hosted by Sharon of It's Daffycat.  Save your floss ends in something an post a picture of them on the New Moon.  She said she would be hosting it again this year but doesn't have the sign up ready yet.

8. Joan Elliott Calendar -  This is hosted my Mii of Mii Stitch.  This is a little calendar of 12 Joan Elliott designs found in TWOCS magazine.  I'm still waiting for my charts.

9. Year of the Acronym (YOTA) - This is being hosted by Pull the Other Thread.  Pick a project to work on and post a progress picture on the first Saturday of the month.

If that wasn't enough, I signed up for a crochet-a-long.  This is being hosted by Kate of Stitches, Scraps and Sparkles in the Sun.  If you crochet, go check it out.

I have an Excedrin headache and I'm going to go take some Tylenol and cut more fabric.

Thanks for looking.  Linda

Friday, January 2, 2015


Hi Blogger Friends.  I am still very unorganized.  (gee surprise)  I did manage to start my BAP last night.  This fabric is very stiff and its going to take me a hundred years to finish it.

Full Service - Artecy
You can click on the picture to enlarge.

I hope to make a list of all of my stitch alongs in the next few days.  Who is going to help me keep track of all of them and when to post.  That was Debbie's job.

Thanks for looking.   Linda

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December Smalls SAL

Hi Blogger Friends.  It's the last Wednesday of the month and time for the Smalls SAL.  This is being hosted by Heather of Stitching Lotus.  We pick a small project to stitch on and post a finished picture on the last Wednesday of the month.  I just finished this at 11 pm.  But, I did it.  I actually finished 12 small pieces this year. Go me!!!

Flip-It Stamp - Lizzie Kate
14ct Beige Aida
Started 9-14-14
Finished 12-21-14


Thanks for looking.   Linda

Have a great stitchy new year.