CARS - AvroraCS

CARS - AvroraCS


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 3 Crazy Challenge

I actually accomplised something on my day 3 start.  First, here are some more furbabies.

This is Midnite - she is a sphynx.

This is Smokey and he is an elf. (He is sitting on top of 1 of 51 tubs of yarn)
Miss Murphy is on the left.  She is a full bengal.  Maggie is on the right and she is half bengal half sphynx.
Day 3 start is Winter Band Sampler by LHN done on 14 ct pewter.  I really don't like using light fabric when working with white floss but thought I would give it a try.

Alpabet Blocks by Carriage House Samplings done on 14 ct beige.  Started in 2009.  As you can tell I hate working in one area and love to skip around.

Amish Farm - this is a kit by Dimensions - inspired from a Charles Wysocki painting.  I went crazy a few years ago and started buying these Wysocki kits on ebay and paid an average of $60.00 each.  You can't hardly find them now.
Mississippi Riverboat by LHN done on 14 ct natural raw aida.
Monthly Sampler January by Waxing Moon done on 14 ct natural brown.


Binky's Blog said...

You have some nice additions to your challange. Your kitties are nice too. I have two myself. Cannot wait to see your progress on your wips.

blueladie said...

I always LOVE looking at your blog. :D I can't decide which I like better, your stitching or your furbabies! :D Cathryn

And This Little Pig said...

Linda, such lovely starts, love the fur babies and non-fur babies. My sister has two Bengals, a Singapura (small cat) and a moggie. Me I have an Australian Mist, a moggie and a Devon Rex. Where would we be without them... well no fur on my stitching for starters :D
LiBBiE in Oz

Petit Filoux said...

Hello and welcome to blogland!!
Your cats certainly look like an interesting bunch!! And all that cross stitch, man, you're like a stitching machine!!