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Saturday, July 23, 2011

America is DONE

So sorry for not posting: but I wanted to get America done to enter in the county fair.  I DID it.

America - Land That We Love - Jean Farish 14 ct Natural Aida
started 3-19-2011
finished 7-19-2011

If you look at a previous post there is a picture of the original design.  I changed colors on some and also designed  squares 1 and 6 in the first row and last row.  I changed alot of the letters in the state names.  I also backstitched around the letters. It was such a joy to stitch, I'm almost sorry that its done.  Question??   I paid $120.00 to have this framed.  Is that alot or about average?  Please let me know.

Below are pictures of the other pieces that I entered in the fair.

Caught In The Act - Needle Treasures kit

Fishing Nostalgia - Bucilla kit

Real Men - Ursula Michael - The Cross Stitcher Magazine (sore subject)

Alpabet Blocks - Carriage House Sampling

Splish! Splash! - Janlynn kit

Sadly, I only got one afghan crocheted.  This is a baby blanket.

On the bottom right is one I didn't get done. 

I will go over to the fair on Monday for the judging and let you all know the results.  I heard today, that we might not have a county fair next year because the funding was cancelled.

I swore last July and am doing alot of swearing now, that I wasn't going to wait until June to start croching afghans to enter in the fair.  So, here is my rotation plan for the next year or forever LOL:

1.  I joined a Lizzie Kate blog SAL on Mondays.  I am going to start Christmas Rules.

2.  I joined the LHN Cake SAL.  I am going to start The Chocolate Shoppe.

3.  I am going back to my one strand a day and one day a week.  I am working on The Library by LHN.

4.  One of my Crazy January Challenge starts.

5.  One of my Up for a Challenge pieces.

6.  I am going to crochet one square or row etc. a day and one day a week.

7.  Whatever!!

Okay, I thnik I have rambled on enough.  Hope you all made it to the end.  Comments are appreciated.

Thanks for looking.   Linda

Crocheted this in June for my nephews new baby.


Mouse said...

oooo good luck with the fair and mmmm not sure on your prices (conversion to £) to say whether that was good or not..... love those throws too :) love mouse xxxx

Gillie said...

I think it's pretty good, Linda, thinking of a sampler I had framed in Illinois. Well done on finishing and here's to the fair rotation, lol!

blueladie said...

Bravo Linda!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for your fair entries and also they find funding for this simple pleasure in life (county fairs). I really don't know about the framing for America, but it sure did turn out wonderful. You must be so proud of yourself or you should be. Thanks for sharing the pics!!! :D Cathryn

Anonymous said...

All of your completed pieces are great, Good luck at the fair. I don't think the price you paid is bad. Be proud of all your work, great stitching.
I am leaving this comment as anonymous as google won't let me leave my name unless you have your settings set on popup.
Enjoyed your blog as always.

Deborah said...

Good luck at the fair. I hoping that you get many ribbons!

Karen said...

Congrats on such a great finish. All of your finishes are great. Good luck in the fair.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

What great projects that you have finished.
Congratulations on finishing them.... they are beautiful. Good luck in the fair.

Nancy in IL said...

Linda, I think $120 is pretty steep when considering what I've paid at my LNS. But that aside, your fair pieces are just beautiful, and your crocheted pieces are wonderful! Congrats on all the work completed, and I look forward to hearing how you do at the fair!

ShirleyCA said...

I am very impressed with your "America' finish. I printed that chart years ago and for some reason have never started it. You are an inspiration for me to start on it. Best of luck on all of your entries. You are lucky you can enter that many cross stitch items. Our fair is very restrictive.

Beach Cottage Stitchers said...

You certainly have been busy. I love that Jean Farrish chart. I have it also but never did it. Good luck at the fair!

Vicky L said...

America looks very lovely! Congrats on the finish. Good luck on the fair's judging.

Alice said...

Beautiful stitching! I'd say $120 is a good price... I have paid a lot more on occasion. It looks wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Linda, your work is beautiful! I enjoyed the Jean Farish piece. 4 months to stitch is quick IMHO. I have that and truly want to do it. The amount you paid to have it framed is in the parkpark of what I've paid for pieces to be framed. Nice job on the framing. Again, enjoyed viewing your work.

Kaisievic said...

Hi Linda, I have hunted back through your post archives to find your America finish - it looks fantastic! hugs, Kaye