CARS - AvroraCS

CARS - AvroraCS


Friday, February 3, 2012

Days 26 thru 30

Hi Blogger Friends.  Thank you all for the awesome comments.  I do enjoy reading them.  Sorry I haven't been here for a while. I do have a good reason for not stitching.   My left arm decided to get another infection.  Third one since September.  I have severe lymphedema and I've had an open blister thingy on the palm of my hand for several months that won't heal.  But I must say it is finally starting to dry up. YEAH  So I'm back on antibiotics again and it causes a yeast infection.  I do hope I got all of this crude out of my system early and the rest of the year is smooth sailing.
Okay, enough of that.  Onto stitching news.  I have starts 26 thru 30 and a SAL update.

Day 26 - Good Morning - Joan Elliott
(the first 4 pics were taken outside and all the fabric is white)
Day 27 - Seasonal Cat Welcome - Diane Arthurs

Day 28 - Under the Boardwalk - Pickle Barrel Designs
Day 29 - 6 Fat Men - Lizzie Kate

Day 30 - 12 Days of Christmas - Prairie Schooler
This is a SAL with Debbie and the only WIP piece I picked.

SAL with Ruth - Robin Hood - Little House Needlework

Only 1 January start left and 29 for February.  I'm behind in my SAL's also, so I am trying to play catch up with them too.

I leave you with a couple furbaby pics.

Moon Dragon stuck his nose in the yogurt cup.

This is why I get no stitching done.

Thanks for looking.   Linda

PS  I am up to 162 followers so that means I will have 2 winners for a lapghan.  You can go HERE to enter my blogoversary giveaway.


SoCal Debbie said...

Great update! You got a lot done on Under the Boardwalk. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the rooster on Good Morning. Very good progress on Robin Hood! I love the pic of Moon Dragon with yogurt on his nose, and taking up room on your lap!

Kaisievic said...

Fantastic update - you are amazing doing so many starts when your arm is sore.

Hope it gets better soon.

hugs, Kaye xoxox

sharine said...

Great starts!

pandy said...

aw I hope you get better soon! I am really glad Robin Hood is no longer a Robin Ho! :D

Your kitty is so cute and I can definitely see why no stitching gets done! My cat does that too!

Lesleyanne said...

I hope you feel better soon. Great new starts and progress on your wips.

Mia said...

Hi Linda, I'm so sorry to hear about your hand! I sure hope the healing has really started and your hand will be good as new asap!!
I love your starts! You've done such a wonderful job with them!! Count's later :) I'm off to see my DD who's in hospital.
Hugs and happy stitching!

Unknown said...

Wow great progress all round, I really don't know how you keep up with it all. Great progress on Robin Hood since last week, its turning out to be a great stitch. I hope your hand heals up soon and that as you say thats it for the year. Love the furbaby picutres they made me smile. Well done on the followers.

cucki said...

wow very sweet stitching and lovely new start..
so sorry to hear about your hand..i hope and pray it heal soon..
love for you xx

Mouse said...

ooooo well you have still managed to get loads done even with your arm ... hope it will continue to heal for you :)
and yoghurty noses are fab :) love mouse xxxxx

blueladie said...

Awwwwwwwwww to the pic of Moon Dragon in your lap with stitching. So sweet. Amazing amount of updates - more power to you! Sending prayers for your healing. :) Cathryn

Tama said...

I love your starts! I looked some up to see the final design - nice choices!
Moon Dragon is adorable!!!

Jan Gartlan said...

Great project work! I love Robin Hood. I hope you are well and truly on the road to recovery x

Nancy in IL said...

Linda, so sorry to hear of your health problems! Let's hope and pray that you're on the short road to recovery. Sometimes, like just the last few days, I haven't even had an excuse not to stitch, but it just hasn't happened.

Robin Hood is coming along well adn the other starts are quite interesting also. I loved seeing your Moon Dragon (sphynx?) with his yogurt nose. I share my morning fruit and yogurt parfait from McD's with my orange tabby, Amber.

As for 6 Fat Men, I'm excited to be getting them all very soon with the threads to stitch also. My LNS is having a Super Bowl Sale tomorrow with 20% off. Can't pass by a sale for stash!

Keep healthy, dear!

Lynn said...

I really need to add Fat Men to my mix. I REALLY like that one!!!

Lynn said...

Oh and forgot to add that I LOVE how that kitty is upside down on your chest!!!! LOL

btw the word verification is :defocat! LOL