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CARS - AvroraCS


Monday, December 31, 2012

Starts 98 - 103

Hi Blogger Friends.  I hope you all had a wonderful and stitchy stash Christmas.
Well, I reached my goal - I started 103 projects in 2012.  I finished 8 (guess thats better than none) lol
So, with my other UFO's - I will be starting 2013 with 124 UFO's/wip's.  I will be doing the UCJC2013 by starting 31 more projects in January.   I have also signed up for the Turtle Trot SAL 2013 (page and pics at top of blog)  Really excited for this one.  Might actually get one done.

(edit:   UCJC2013 page is done) 

Here are the rest of my starts:

98 - Meow Block - Lizzie Kate

 99 - Witch Is In - Imaginating - Diane Arthurs

100 - Autumn Band Sampler - Little House Needleworks

101 - Harvest Light - Imaginating - Diane Arthurs

102 - February - Prairie Schooler

103 - Santa's 12 Days of Christmas - Day 4 - Prairie Schooler

Remember the picture of my fake tree with the live ornament?

I would guess that 90% of the christmas trees in the world have Angel Tree Toppers.

I don't think too many can boast about having a live Devil Tree Topper!!!!!!


Thanks for looking.  Linda


Nicola said...

Gosh Linda, how do you keep track of all your WIPs.

Have a wonderful 2013.

Margaret said...

Oh my gosh! lol! How did the cat make it to the top of the tree? Wow! Love all your new starts. Happy New Year!

Mouse said...

well after picking my wee self up of the floor 124 wips sheesshhhh thought mine was bad with 15
wishing you a very merry stitchy new year :) love mouse xxxxx
ps love your tree toppers ;)

SoCal Debbie said...

Incredible, Linda! You really made your goal of 100+ new starts. Now 2013 will be easy with only 31 new starts. The tree "decorations" made me laugh! What happy kitties you have!

sharine said...

You will be able to take your pick of projects on 2013. I can't even make the star balance on top of my tree so kudos to your cat:)

Mii Stitch said...

So many wips!!! Good luck with all of these... I love your tree ornament!!! How did your cat managed to get up there without tipping the tree???

Carol said...

Wow, Linda--I am so impressed!! 103 starts--how do you store them all?

Your kitty made me smile!! Wishing you a joyous New Year...

McKenna C. said...

Wow that's a lot of WIPs!! Your pics look great! I especially love the Autumn Band Sampler.


Jennifer M. said...

The number of WIP you have just amazes me Linda. You are a stitching machine. LOL

I can't believe your kitty managed to find his way to the top of the tree! Too cute. :)


Faith... said...

That will certainly be a lot of WIPs! After January will you be starting anyore or will you concentrate on working on the ones you have?

Parsley said...

HAHAHA! Your devil-cat tree topper is so funny! Happy New Year! May you find yourself in stitches.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I'm bowled over by the sheer number of starts!! You really must do a post about how you store them and keep the threads organised! Do you have a separate set of threads for each project or one main set?

Good Luck with completing some of them this year!

Unknown said...

I thought I hadn't seen an update in awhile but I just missed it in my blog reader. Love all the starts, I'm still in awe at how you manage to keep track of them all. Just checked out your projects for Turtle Trot and for the Ultimate challenge, love them all and some ones I'm going to have to look into acquiring..not that I need more but you just never know lol. Wishing you a very stitchy and healthy new year Linda, looking forward to seeing your work all year my friend.

rosey175 said...

Oh that litle Meow would make a cute little charm or keychain all on its own! And Harvest Light is a stunning piece. G'luck on making 124 finishes this year~ ;)

Such a naughty little tree topper! Our monstrous beasts (precious babies) would have brought the whole tree down if they got it into their furry heads to climb the whole thing despite how well we fastened it!

Marina NOSTROMO said...

Wishing you and your family a holiday season filled with peace, love, and light!
Welcome to my blog!

...…………✫¸.•°*"*°•. ✫