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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I DID IT - I DID IT - I Almost Did It

Hi Blogger Friends.  I would like to give a warm welcome to all my new followers and a howdy to the others.  Thank you all for reading my blog and for the wonderful comments.  I do so love to read them.  Sorry, I'm pokey at replying, but I get there eventually. 
Well, my leg decided to get another infection last Thursday.  Usually it gets red blotches - I take antibiotics and a few days the blotches are pretty much gone.  Its weird this time.  I just have like 4 red and very tender spots.  There is one on the top of my foot that really hurts - the others are pretty much gone.  (Of course, we all know that I don't get normal stuff.)
What you came to see.

I DID IT - I actually kinda sorta backstitched a mouse on the back of the horse.  I think he looks okay and a whole lot better than the other two I tried.  I also backstitched the shelf/rack and the ropes/leads.

I Almost Did It - Darn, I'm 200 stitches short of finishing page 2.  I did the white sacks and the creamy and yellowy by the carrots.

I DID IT - Finish #14
Thankful Critters - Urusla Michael
14ct antique white aida
Started 1-15-12
Finished 9-1-13

Good Morning - Joan Elliott

I have also been the lucky winner of a couple giveaways.

I won this absolutely adorable owl from Liz at Tangled Web.
Thank you so much Liz.  I love Owlie.

I won this hidden giveaway from Sharon at It's Daffycat.   
My very first pin keep with pins.  My favorite floss and hand lotion.  And some fabric.  Thank you so much Sharon.
I am so envious of all you stitchers that stitch on high count fabric.  There is just no way I can see those little tiny holes.

I'll leave you with a picture of the lapghan that I crocheted for Kaye along with Morris strolling by.

Thanks for looking.   Linda


Anna van Schurman said...

Love your lapghan! Great colors. Nice job completing Thankful Critters too.

SoCal Debbie said...

I hope your infection goes away soon! I looked at the supersize photo and saw a perfect little mouse! I love the backstitching details in these designs!

Good Morning looks so pretty. Congratulations on another big finish! Now you can display it in time for Thanksgiving!

Your prizes are so nice and your lapghan is amazing.

Brigitte said...

Hehehe, that's really a cutie little mouse. Congratulations on the finish - it's looking gorgeous!

Margaret said...

I'm loving the Stable! Great finish on the Thankful Critters. Nice prize too, and love the lapghan.

Shelly said...

Mouse looks great up there on the horse. Nice finish and nice prizes too. Those hidden giveaways are fun! Nice to hear you're on the mend, Linda!

Anonymous said...

great updte, cute mouse!! And congrats on your finish, beautiful colors. Hope your leggs are getting better...

Annette-California said...

Linda hope your leg heals and all the infection goes away soon.
Congrats on your darling mouse - perfect:) and WooHoo! Congrats on your wonderful finish - "Give Thanks" is done in time for Fall:)
Great progress your stitching.
love Annette

stitchersanon said...

Hope you leg heals: funny but the spot on your foot sounds like gout? I wonder if that has been considered? I love the finishes and the stable is coming on beautifully. The mouse is lovely xxxxx And the finish is perfect.

Pull the other thread said...

Wow your work on everything looks so amazing. Sorry to hear you are still have trouble with your leg I hope you feel better very soon.

Sarah in Stitches said...

I love the colors you chose for the lapghan! It's so pretty. Congrats on another finish, and on winning those giveaways! :D

Steph said...

That mouse is adorable!! Well done on getting him done. Your give away prizes are just fab :) Congrats on winning them. xxx

Joyce Clark Frank said...

Good job on the Stables. The mouse is cute. Congrats on your win. Great job on the others you have finished. Hope your leg gets better.

Sally said...

I hope your leg heals quickly and you feel much better soon.

Lovely progress and finish. Love the lapghan!

Mii Stitch said...

Love your work on the lapghan, it's gorgeous!!!

Shirlee said...

You are really accomplishing a lot of stitching! That is a gorgeous lapghan! I really like the colors you choose! Congratulations on the giveaway wins : )

butterfly said...

Every thing looks wonderful , lovely mouse and just love your cover.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great progress! And a great finish too.

The secret giveaway is a fun idea. Congrats on winning that one.

Kate said...

The mouse looks so cute. Congrats on your finishes! And I love the colors in your lapghan.
I hope your leg feels better soon.
Blessings :-)

Heather said...

Congratulations on the wins and the finishes! And take care of that leg. I hope you feel better soon.

Kaisievic said...

Love your mouse on horsies back! Great finish on the critters and I am sorry to say that you made a mistake - Furio is quite convinced that you made the lapghan for him! Seriously, though, we both love it and use it every evening and think of our dear friends so far away.

I love your JE Good morning as well.

hugs as always, Kaye

Carol said...

I think you did a great job on the little mouse, Linda--he is adorable :)

Congratulations on your newest finish and your win from Daffycat--great goodies there!

I sure hope your leg heals quickly--it sounds painful. Take good care of yourself now!

Astri said...

My busy Linda! My, you have accomplished a lot. The mouse is awesome. :-)

Lynn said...

Wow you really crank out the projects!! That lapghan is really nice! You're stable is looking really nice. Your mouse is adorable!!

Hope your foot is doing better soon.

Stitching Noni said...

Well done on your finish :)
And congrats in your secret giveaway win :)
Your mouse looks great - I can see how hard that back stitch is but it's worth it as the whole design really starts to come to come to life with it added in :)