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CARS - AvroraCS


Monday, February 19, 2018

February Gifted Gorgeousness and Zodiac SAL's and some progress

Hi Blogger Friends.  Thank as always for the nice comments.  I managed to work on all of my projects again this week.  However,  not much progress was made on the smaller ones so I will show those next week.  (I'm obsessed with the big ones especially Chip and Dale.  I am trying to get the black outlining done by the end of the month.)

I'm finally going to post for Jo's GG.  I think you all know what it is all about.
mini San Francisco by Satsuma Street.  Our wonderful hostess gifted me the magazine several years ago.  This is the last of the 3 designs.

I'm also finally posting for Jo's Zodiac SAL.  Aquarius by Satsuma Street.

Not bad for the month.  I am trying to get the outlining done this month.  This is 2 full skeins of black.

I'm having a hard time on Alice and the Flamingo.  I hate all the pink and white sky.  I think I might have to work elsewhere on it.

Thanks for stopping by.  Linda


Preeti said...

Beautiful progress on your projects, Linda! Just as you are interested in large projects, I am loving smaller ones these days:)

Joysze said...

Great progress on your stitching, Linda. Chip and Dale is sooooo cuuuuuute!!!!

Carol said...

Such nice projects, Linda--the chipmunks are the cutest!!!

Justine said...

Gorgeous stitching Linda, you got such a lot done!

Apple Blossom Dreams said...

Hello Linda...just checking on you after all this time. Looks like you are making some beautiful beautiful things!

Kaelyn Angelfoot said...

That chip and dale is so great! I remember watching their cartoon.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Great progress on all your projects. Sorry that Alice is not fun, I started in the bottom left corner which is great! Lots of lovely colours.

Faith... said...

Chip and Dale is really coming along Linda! I hope you achieve your goal getting all the outlines done in that by the end of the month!

Great progress on your other pieces too!

Shelly said...

Aww, Chip and Dale is really cute and what great progress in the outlining. You're a stitching machine!

diamondc said...

Hi Linda: You are one busy stitcher, I love the fact you are stitching all the black first, what a great idea.
I am loving Chip and dale.


Tiffstitch said...

Lovely progress on them and hope you can find a way to make Alice more enjoyable.

Brigitte said...

A lot of progress on these projects. I love the chipmunks, they are coming along so nice.

The Crafty Princess said...

I really love how the chipmunks are turning out. Imagine how much fun it's going to be to colour them in. Good idea to work on another part of Alice to keep you going on that project. Great job on all of them.
xo Alicia