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CARS - AvroraCS


Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Bad

Hi dear blogging friends.  Thank you all for the wonderful comments on my finish.  I really do appreciate them.
I have spent the last nine days working on America - Land That We Love by Jean Farish.  First I have to say I have only ever changed a very few colors on a design and the border on Alphabet Blocks.  But my bad!! I made some major changes on America.

1.  I put stars in between the letters instead of little squares.
2.  All the state borders will be done the same - white x's - red bs outside - blue bs inside
3.  All the state names and dates will be in the same shade of red and blue alternating as shown.
4.  Stitcing them in order admitted to the union.

Okay, those changes aren't that drastic.  BUT!!!  Take a look at the next picture.

Ms. Farish designed this back in 1988.  I guess back than they used alot of subtle pastelly colors.  It's America.  Where's the Red, White and Blue?  I really didn't like the A's in the picture, so I came up with this.  The square on the left will have a heart, small star and 2 small flags.
Here is a picture of the whole thing so far.

Thought I better post a picture of the original design.

Well!  What do you think?  Did I screw up the original or do you think my changes are okay.  Please give me your honest thoughts.  I would appreciate the feed back.

I will leave you with a picture of Miss Murphy.

Oops!  Not too lady like.

Oh, that's better.  Queen of the chair.

Thanks for looking and have a great stitchy week.      Linda


Alice said...

Goodness, look at all those feeding dishes! I like your changes; I also believe in a nice vibrant red!

Rita E in AZ said...

All of your ideas look great! I especially like the big patriotic star instead of the little heart - do not let me think about making any changes, though. The frog has been sneaking around this project too much already :)
Rita E in AZ

Sue said...

I love your patriotic piece! Very pretty. Love your kitties, too... gotta get my daughter to take a peek!

Unknown said...

Great progress!! I love your changes and especially the stars in between the letters!! I'm going to seriously consider changing mine! :)

blueladie said...

Linda, I LOVE your furbabies as usual and no I don't think you messed up America. I think your touches are good and appropriate for you. It looks good. TFS. :) Cathryn

Mouse said...

oo like what you have done to it :) its suits you and the furbabies are sooo cute :)Happy Easter to you all :) love mouse xxxx

Rita said...

I think your changes to ALTWL are great! Many designers are the first to tell you that you should make changes to make the pieces your own.

Dirty Martini Queen said...

I think your changes look amazing and ofcourse, I'm always thrilled to see pics of the furbabies.

Quiltsmiles said...

I think I like the changes you've done to this design better than when it was originally done. Nice going! Jane

PS: I would love to purchase this pattern from you when you are finished with it, instead of selling it on ebay. And I am patient, there is absolutely no hurry! I still am stitching a BBD - Easter Parade that I plan to finish by the end of April. Wish me luck.

Babs in Alabama said...

I remember years ago when I first heard a designer tell us to make a design our own. That's what you've done and very creatively too!

Janet/OK said...

yours is looking great--love the changes! great stitching.

Vicky L said...

I love your changes. You are doing great. Keep it up!

Joy said...

I like the "A" in the original, but I also like what you have done. I have discovered in the past couple of years that part of making a finished piece "ours" is to make those little changes that make us happy! I think your piece looks great and I look forward to seeing it finished.