CARS - AvroraCS

CARS - AvroraCS


Saturday, December 31, 2016

Starts 481 - 521

Hi Blogger Friends.  I want to thank each and everyone of you for being my friend.  I feel as though I know you even though we have never met in person.  Just visiting my blog makes me smile.  I never thought so many stitchers would be interested in my blog.  A very extra special THANK YOU for all of the lovely comments you leave.  Please know that I am still reading your blogs and leaving comments but you still don't get an email.  No clue!!!
Here are the rest of this years starts.

Starts 481 - 486

Start 487

Start 488

Start 489

Start 490

Start 491

Start 492

Start 493

Start 494

Start 495

Start 496

Starts 497 - 508  (These were a free calendar from Cross Stitch Crazy magazine.  They are designed by Durene Jones.)

Starts 509 - 520  (I realized I messed up on June.  Will fix when I stitch on it again.)

Start 521 - This start is for the April A - Z challenge so no picture.

Goals (sorta) for 2017.  I will be doing Debbie's Crazy Challenge and starting a new one everyday in January.  I am also doing the April A - Z Challenge.  I would so love to come up with a rotation, but so far nothing seems to work for me.  I get to stressed if I don't stitch on something when I'm suppose to.  So, I think I will just stitch on what I want when I want and for as long as I want.  (After April that is)  I do have plans for January through April.


Thanks for stopping by.    Linda


Bekah said...

Best wishes in the new year and with all your new starts. I look forward to seeing all your updates.

EvalinaMaria said...

So many awesome new starts! Good luck with finishes. Have a marvelous New Year!!!

Shelly said...

Happy New Year, Linda! Looking forward to seeing all your new starts.

Preeti said...

Happy new year, Linda!! Your starts are very cute :)
Please don't take it otherwise but I have a suggestion. You have already so many new starts and I know you want to match with Kate. But since you are sentimentally attached to crazy January challenge for Debbie and you want to continue this year as well, why don't you work on exactly same projects each day you started in Jan 2016 instead of new starts. That way you will have both the challenge and progress to keep up with. Sorry if you have already completed those and I don't remember.
I hope you don't mind what I said, I just felt to say because you are a long time blogger friend.

Vickie said...

You find so many cute charts Linda! Dog Park is especially cute!

Justine said...

Happy new year Linda! Some more lovely new starts to show. I wish you a very happy and stress-free stitching year.

diamondc said...

Happy New Year Linda: You are all set for 2017, so many lovely designs to work on.


Shebafudge said...

Hiya!!!!! I'm back!!!!!

Fab new starts, I absolutely love the CloudsFactory Christmas ones. They are ADORABLE!

I'm definitely going to get back to blogging and stitching this year and look forward to keeping up with all your progress.

Happy New Year hon xx

Beth in IL said...

Love seeing all your starts. Keep on stitching!

Claudette497 said...

Keep on keeping on - I'm looking forward to seeing where this ends!

Andrea said...

Happy New Year Linda.

Looking forward to seeing your progress. Love the Clouds factory 'Christmas' one, super cute.

Stitching Noni said...

Linda, how do you do it? You, Kate and Katy amaze me with all your daily starts... it's scares the pants off of me even though I did have 89 starts in 2016 (more than I have even had!!) No way touches the sides of your starts! I love the Satsuma Street starts - I have had my eye on those designs for awhile... maybe they might be my 2017 starts!
My advice is to keep stitching on what makes you happy.... I struggle with rotations as well but I try to have a bit of a monthly plan for my WIPs (sometimes it works... sometimes it doesn't!)
Happy New Year :o)
Hugs xx

Brigitte said...

And again a wonderful array of new starts, Linda. And wow, you have some ambitious plans for the beginning of this year. But I know that you can do it.
Happy New Year!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Fantastic work, so many lovely designs here this post.
Why not try a "random drawing" rotation, where you pick a project at random and stitch that, then put it to one side until you have worked your way throught the lot of them!

Faith... said...

Of course I love all your new starts! You always seem to have the cutest things. I am going to have to look for that first group of Durene's charts on this post.

Good luck with your goals for 2017. My goals for the year are the same as your goal for after April. I am not making any commitments because it seems like a lot of pressure for something I should enjoy.

Hope you had a wonderful New Year's Eve and I look forward to seeing what you stitch up in 2017.

Heather said...

Even more great starts! I'd go crazy with that many lol. I love the tiny orca he's my favorite so far! Good luck next year :)

Jan Gartlan said...

Wonderful starts! All the best for The January starts

Carol said...

Such fun new charts, Linda!! How many are you aiming for--1000? Really impressed with how you keep them all straight--I can't manage more than two or three at a time :)

Wishing you a very happy New Year!

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Love your Starts 481 through 521. Those numbers are amazing! And so are you. Look forward to following your stitchy progress in 2017.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Great new starts! Happy New Year :D

gominam said...

I'm still catching up with my blog reads and what do I find? How could I miss this, so many lovely starts in a single post! You never cease to amaze me😊 Love all of the new pieces, esp. the pretty little cities!