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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mercantile Update

Greetings dear blogging friends and thank you for looking at my blog and the wonderful comments.  I really appreciate them.   First up is the Mercantile by LHN.  I have been working on this for the last 16 days.  I really want to work on something else but just don't wanna stop this one.  I probably would have had it done if I would stay off the computer.  I keep telling my DH that and he threatens to change the password.  BUT, he knows he would be in a lotta trouble. lol

I want to thank Ann for spotting my oopsy.  I noticed it that evening when I started to stitch.  So guess what?  I had to rip out two other words bc I had counted from the misspelled word.  I decided back in the old west it was called fab-ic  later changed to fab-ric.  LOL

I kept up with my one strand a day in Alpabet Blocks.  In fact, bc this is a short month I did eight strands in seven days.  I finished the Elephant block and started the Deer.

I have decided that each block could be considered a finish.  They are about the size of a small ornament.  I so want to start Christmas Rules by Lizzie Kate.  Remember, my rule:  when I finish two projects I get to start a new one.  We will see!!

A thought:  I have over 1500 cross stitch kits.  Hundreds of books, magazines and charts.  I was thinking about doing a grab box.  Those all you can ship boxes from the post office for so much.  Would anybody be interested?  Please let me know.

Thanks for looking.  See you next week.   Linda


Alice said...

A Grab box! Sounds like fun to me.

Mercantile is looking so fine... I agree with you about each block could be considered a little finish. I am working on Prairie Schooler's Alphabet all done on one piece of fabric and I certainly will consider each letter a finish!

blueladie said...

It's really looking good, Linda. (blush) I didn't even notice the error in the previous one, I was too busy looking at the whole of it and imagining how really nice it will be. These designs are the best aren't they? :) Cathryn

Gillie said...

Love both of these! So sorry about the restitching though!

Kay said...

Your WIPS are both really lovely. I really like the ABC one for some reason and it's not the style I normally gravitate towards.

The grab bag/mystery box sounds like fun. Could they be themed? Christmas, Halloween, Florals?

Vicky L said...

Your Mercantile looks great! I didnt even notice the mistake. Your other project looks good too. You are making good progress.

DJ said...

Great job on both your pieces! You are really coming along quickly! You sound like me in the stash department, but unlike me, you are brave enough to part with some of it! I know someday they are going to find me buried in my stash but I'll be thinking...what a way to go! *wink*

Jackie said...

Hi Linda,
I love both of those designs and they are coming along beautifully. Wow!!! I can't wait to see them done.

Joy said...

Linda, girl you are just moving right along!! Go ahead and count each letter on the CHS a finish...why not?! :-) Keep that needle flying!

Unknown said...

The Mercantile is looking great!!!! I also absolutely love your CHS letters and I would definitely count each letter as a finish!!! :)

Sharyn said...

Mercantile is wonderful! And your alphabet blocks are quite impressive! I was lucky enough to purchase from Kathy B several of the blocks stitched into little pillows: I have Queen and X-stitch.

Sharyn :-)