CARS - AvroraCS

CARS - AvroraCS


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Starts 33 - 35 DSDUCJFC and CAL

Hi Blogger Friends.  I'm still managing to keep up with my starts everyday.  But I still haven't touched my 10 turtle trot pieces that need to be posted on the 10th.

Day 33 - Pretty Little Italy - Satsuma Street

Day 34 - The Southern Sea Otter - Endangered Young'uns  - This was so much fun to stitch and I think they will stitch up quickly.  I hope so there are 32 of them. (4 in another book)  I am doing the top middle one.

Day 35 - Winter Owl - UAHome Made Studio on Etsy

Cross stitch pattern PDF - Owl with scarf

Sophie's Universe CAL - a Facebook group - Part 3 done - Now it will start to be square
 Missy decided to photo bomb.

Update on to do list:

1.  Finish putting stuff away from frenzy cutting.  DONE
2.  Organize 4 plastic boxes of aida fabric.  DONE
3.  Pick my next 27 starts (I do know what I'm starting tonight) instead of spending an hour everyday going through my 200 and whatever ziplock storage bags and try and decide what I want to start.  DONE  (BUT I'M SURE I'LL CHANGE MY MIND A HUNDRED TIMES)
4.  I also have finished 1 piece this year so I get to start 5 more after the 28th so I need to decide on those.  DONE
5.  I need to do 15 rounds on Sophie's Universe CAL by Sunday when Part 5 comes out.  Of course now each round is taking longer as it gets bigger.  Mine is going to be ginormous.  I DID 3 ROWS TO FINISH PART 3 PICTURED ABOVE
6.  I need to do 5 rounds on the Mini Ring of Change CAL by Friday.
7.  I also need to work on a Corner to Corner that is an order.
8.  I have 8 days to work on my 10 Turtle Trot pieces to post on the 10th.
9.  I haven't touched YOTA - North Pole House in a couple of months and it's post is this Saturday.
10.  I haven't worked on my Saturday, Sunday or Monday SAL's in a couple of months.  Monday was the Bothy Threads Cut-thru SAL.  It has just about completely fizzled out.  I am dropping out of that one but will continue to work on my pieces (I hope).
11.  I need to separate my 800+ skeins of floss into some kind of order so it doesn't take me an hour to find one skein.
12.  I need to list all of my Etsy chart purchases, by designer, and put in my binder so I don't spend an hour looking to see if I already bought a chart that I just can't live without.

A few people asked to see my fabric stash.  This is all 14ct aida.

I also have about 80 tubes of 15 x 18 Charles Craft and 5 rolls of 36 x 72 Charles Craft.  (I know its alot but I have been collecting it for many years.)

Gonna go sort floss and hubby is going to help me but he doesn't know it yet.  lol

Thanks for looking.

PS  I'm going to be having a 4 year blogoversary giveaway starting March 1.  


Tiffstitch said...

Great starts! I really like Pretty Little Italy, and wow, that's some excellent fabric!!

Tama said...

I LOVE your new starts! That owl, especially, is ADORABLE!
What a lovely stash you have, too :D

Preeti said...

Cute starts, especially, the owl is very cute :) your crochet piece is beautiful !!
I am drooling over your fabric stash, I don't think I can ever collect that much stock in my lifetime:) I am not that busy stitcher as you are. Looking forward to your blogaversary and giveaway and grab some of your stash;)
I have similar amount of Skeins, I divided them on the basis of shades. Earlier, I divided on the basis of numbers but then DMC to Anchor conversion created problems for me.

butterfly said...

More lovely starts , great stash hugs.

Annette-California said...

Great starts! And congrats on completing some tasks on your list.
HUGE!!! I haven't stitched my Saturday & Monday sals either. But I am not giving up:) I would say maybe you can seperate your threads into groups like: 100's, 200's 300's etc.. I did this (before my stash grew again) and it did help looking for a thread a bit faster.
love Annette

Poppypatchwork said...

Your stash is impressive, I do like to keep fabric and silks in, I don't often buy kits. I often change the colours to suit me, so buying the charts works for me.

Thoeria said...

OMW Linda!! I thought I had stash! :D I feel so much better now! You have an awesome amount!
Love the new starts....the owl would definitely be my fave in this batch...owls are just my thing :) Oh wait....that would be the stitchy fave....your crochet is gorgeous too! What will you use the crock=het piece for?

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You are doing great with the starts and the organisation.

I have all my threads in Flossaway bags in numerical order so I can find them easily. My fabrics are in bags, one for 28, one for 32 and one for random other counts!

Kaelyn Angelfoot said...

Sea Otters are my favorites! Love it.

Mii Stitch said...

More lovely starts & a few lines crossed on your to do list :)
I am so so soooo jealous of your fabric stash!!!! xxx

Sarah in Stitches said...

Great stitching! :D

Rachel said...

Love Italy, love the Sea Otter, love the Owl (now, where have I seen that recently?!), love your crochet ring and LOVE your fabric stash! Good job you've got a lot of projects planned for the fabric!
Don't be upset about missing out on some of the SALs. You set yourself a lot of targets at the beginning of the year and some are bound to fall by the wayside. But once you've finished the Challenge, you can get back into more of a routine with your other SALs and I'm sure the various projects will get worked on during the year. :)

Unknown said...

Lovely starts but WOW that's a lot of fabric. I thought I had a lot but it's nothing compared to yours!

New GFC follower

Thea @  Gizzimomo's Stitchy Place

Katy said...

Great starts, and yay for stash!

D1-D2 said...

I feel like the Winter Owl right now, it's so cold today. But he's so cute with his scarf.

rosey175 said...

Your little owl looks like a little owl-ized Harry Potter, complete with Gryffindor scarf haha. And Sophie's Universe is still amazing. I squealed a little at those adorable ocelots and snow leopards. Eee! All adorable patterns.

I just stared in awe at your fabric collection. You have more than my two not-so-local LNSs COMBINED! And that's just the 14-count Aida! Are you opening up shop anytime soon? :D

I also store my colors by shade instead of number but that is mainly because I stitch what feels right, not necessarily what the pattern calls for. I don't think I have quite that much though.

Justine said...

Well done on completing so much from your to-do list! I had a stash tidy last week. I always feel inspired to stitch more when I know where everything is, do you?
I love all your new starts. I have Italy in my stash and may have to buy that cute owl as well!
I am still reeling at the fact you have 80 rolls of 14 count aida! Amazing.

Apple Blossom Dreams said...

Love that owl and CAL. Hey they kind of rhyme. Hope all is well with you Linda. :-)

Vickie said...

Great starts! Love your to do list! I love to make them!!!!

Brigitte said...

Lovely new starts again. And wow, that's what I call a fabric stash. But let's face it - you really need that, lol.

Deb said...

Good luck on the Hubby help!
LOVE that owl!!!
Love the Endangered Book. Have that somewhere....

Happy stash sorting!