CARS - AvroraCS

CARS - AvroraCS


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ta-dah #2

Hi All,  Thanks for looking at my blog and for the comments.  I love em.  Been spending too much time on this computer and not enough time stitching.  I have finish #2.  Yippeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!  A new start.
Yipppeeeeeeer!!!!  And some UFO's.  OOPS

                                                Ta-dah #2
Tinsel in a Tangle - Lizzie Kate - 14 ct mushroom
started 1-9-11
finished 1-22-11
actual 5 days of stitching 

AbraCaDabra - Lisa Cowell  started in 2009

Coming to America - LHN  14 ct beige  started 6-10

Mayflower Landing - LHN  14 ct Vintage Country Mocha  started 6-10

Houses of Hawk Run Hollow - Carriage House Sampling  14 ct  started in 2009 and never touched last year

Providence Sampler - The Sampler Co.  14 ct  started in 2009 and never touched last year

Sailing, Sailing - LHN  14 ct cappuccino  started 6-10  I don't like this fabric - it is too soft - so I will more and likely start this one over

These are Stoney Creek Kits - The top one needs the rest of the words.  It was started 10-2-99  I finished the other 2 a couple years ago.

I finished 2 pieces - So I get to start a new one.
The Mercantile - LHN - 14 ct lambswool

Smeegol and Moon Dragon laying on Midnite to keep her warm - Mocha just relaxing

Thanks for looking.  Linda

Friday, January 21, 2011


Thank you for looking and/or commenting.  I really appreciate it.  Alice, Mouse, here are pictures of the afghans I have left.  I sold or gave away the rest.

This is my first ripple.  I absolutely love the colors.  They repeat on the back side.  57 x 75  This was made after the fair.

Smooth Foxes 24 point round ripple. 58" dia  This won first place (the judges comment:  I guess this would be considered a ripple)

My own design  60 x 60  This was made after the fair.

My own design  50 x 70  Made after the fair.

Groovy Granny  72 x 76  Made after the fair.

Granny Stripe  48 x 58  Each colored stripe is a different color of varigated yarn.  There are 48 different colors.  This also won first place.

You can click on the pictures to enlarge.

Thanks for looking.    Linda

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ta-dah my first finish

Hi all,  Thanks for looking at my blog and the comments.  I so appreciate it.  I can't believe I have my first finish of the year.  Last year I only finished one picture and started about 10.  However, from about the middle of June till the middle of November, I crocheted 2 baby blankets, 1 lap blanket and 9 full size afghans.  I entered 6 in the county fair and won 5 first place and 1 third place ribbons. 

Okay!!!!  Here is my ta-dah.
Real Men Don't Need Instructions - Ursula Michael - The Cross Stitcher magazine  8-05  14 ct natural
started 12-3-2010
finished 1-18-2011

I'm thinking about starting Lizzie Kate Christmas Rules

Thanks for looking.    Linda 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 13, 14, 15 crazy challenge

Sorry I haven't posted.  I wore the mouse out and had to get a new one.  Thanks for looking at my blog and for the comments.  I look at everybodys blogs everyday; but I'm really bad about commenting.  After starting this blog and getting comments I am going to start leaving comments.  Okay, here are the last 3 challenge pieces.

Day 15 - I so love doing letters, words, alphabets - but after starting a couple of these I realized how much I miss just doing a picture (with a few words). lol  

Wipe Your Paws - Imaginating - designer Diane Arthurs - 14 ct antique white

Day 14
Kitty Cottage Sampler - LHN - 14 ct natural brown

Day 13
Keep Friends Close at Christmas - Imaginating - designer Ursula Michael - 14 ct antique white

I was thinking on this one that I might not put the words in or I might just put Merry Christmas.  What do you all think?  Please let me know your thoughts.

Mocha - I told you I didn't like my picture taken

Please come back tomorrow.  I WILL have a finish.      Linda

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 9, 10, 11, 12 crazy challenge

Hi all,  Here is my crazy challenge updates.
Tinsel in a Tangle - Lizzie Kate - 14 ct mushroom 

Hark - Bent Creek - 14 ct fiddler

Pinetop Lodge - LHN - 14 ct lt. seafoam

Fa La La - Ornament of the Month - LHN 14 ct jobelan sandcastle (I do not like this fabric - its too soft)
This is #1 of the ornament a month series from 2010.  I plan on starting the next one as soon as this one is done.

Smokey - this is the life

Thanks for looking.  See you tomorrow.     Linda

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 8 crazy challenge

Greetings dear friends.  Thank you for visiting my blog and/or comments.  I really appreciate them.
For day 8 I started BBD Anniversaries of the Heart.  I started in the middle with Swan Lake.  What a BAP.  The biggest one yet, as I only work on 14 ct fabric.  I am not going to put dates, names, etc. on it, so I'm trying to see how creative I can be and just kinda sorta extend the design.  WISH ME LUCK!!!!PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE.

Anniversaries of the Heart (Swan Lake) - Blackbird Designs - 14 ct summer khaki  DMC floss

Sparky guarding the top of the fridge.

Kitty Cat - Diane Arthurs - Janlynn Kit started in 2002

Abracadabra Sampler - Lisa Cowell - 14 ct  (Sorry this is sideways, I don't know how to change it)

Prairie Seasons, Summer - Prairie Schooler - 14 ct

That is the last one on my sidebar, but I probably have about 15 more WIP's.  I will get pictures and add them to the sidebar and here.
Thanks for looking.  See you tomorrow.    Linda

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 7 crazy challenge

Good Morning,

Here are a couple pictures of the furbabies, my day 7 start and some more WIP's.

snoozin' with dad

chillin' on the heater

Christmas Village - Prairie Schooler - 14 ct silver dust

VWX - Prairie Schooler - 14 ct fiddler

St. Nicholas - Prairie Schooler - 14 ct smoketone (2 of 8 started)

Thanks for looking.  See you tomorrow.   Linda

Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 6 Crazy Challenge

Hi to all,

Thank you for visiting my blog and/or comments.  And, oh my gosh, I can't believe I have so many followers already.  THANK YOU.  No more furbabies to show.
On to stitchey stuff.  I been thinking (always gets me in trouble) when I finish one project I get to buy two new charts and when I finish two projects I get to start one new one.  Anybody wanna join me? lol  

Day 6 start didn't get alot done.  I worked on it (or sat in the chair) for five hours last night.  First I had to rip out the white twice.  Skittles decided I didn't need to stitch.  He kept knocking my chart holder on the floor - than he ran off with my needle threader - he'd come back and take off with my scissors - than he would jump in my arms and cuddle for 5 minutes - you get the idea.  He did this all evening.
The only issue with this one is the sleigh, horse and tree on the bottom are stitched over one.  I thought I would either just fill it in solid or see if I can find small ones to fit in.

Christmas Cove - By the Bay - 14 ct natural brown

Garden Samplers #1 - Prairie Schooler 14 ct (this is almost done so the next one is the same challenge)

Garden Samplers #2 - Prairie Schooler - 14 ct

Thanks for looking.  I'll see you tomorrow.   Linda

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 5 crazy challenge

Thank you to all who have looked at my blog and/or left a comment.  I really to appreciate it.  Kathy asked how many cats I have.  Did anyone count?  I have 14 cats and 2 dogs.  Here is the last kitty and dogs.

Mookie - 3/4 sphynx 1/4 bengal  he is Mocha's cousin

This is Max and Rocky (had to let hubby name someone)  miniature schnauzers

Winter Sampler by Waxing Moon on 14 ct smoketone

Blue Bird Sampler by Bent Creek on 14 ct

Great Outdoors by Hinzeit 14 ct

Thanks for visiting.  See you tomorrow.   Linda

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 4 crazy challenge

Thank you to all that have looked at my blog and also left a comment.  I really appreciate it.  Here goes some more furbabies and challenge pieces.

This is Sparky - 1/2 bengal 1/2 sphynx brother to Snowflake and Maggie is there older sister.  This guy was
very sick as a kitten and has to have a doze of potassium everyday.  Now hes a big brat.

This is mama Dottie - full bengal.  She is mom to Sparky, Snowflake and Maggie.  (The breeder, who is a friend, quit breeding and the boyfriend wouldn't let her keep her so kind hearted me said I would take her.) 

Smeegol - sphynx  This is Dotties husband and dad to Sparky, Snowflake, Maggie, Moondragon and Midnite.  (He is also from the breeder.)

Mr. D - Persian  This is my old man.  He is almost 16.

Morris - ragdoll  He is 10.

Christmas Carols by CCN on 14 ct moss  (this is really a medium shade of green fabric)

Letters, Leprechauns and Luck by Blue Ribbon Designs on 14 ct summer khaki

Woodland Samping by LHN on 14 ct fiddler

Winter ABC's by Lizzie Kate on 14 ct fiddler  (The other 3 seasons are done)

Thanks for looking I'll see you tomorrow.  Linda