CARS - AvroraCS

CARS - AvroraCS


Friday, September 14, 2012

A Little Progress, Stash and Happy Birthday too ME

Hi Blogger Friends.  My stitching is returning slowing.  I have made some progress.

Halloween House SAL - Ursula Michael

Lady Liberty - Diane Arthurs

April - Prairie Schooler

Cackle - SAL with Debbie - Raise the Roof  (although she has already finished hers)

Bought myself some birthday stash cause you know I really didn't have enough.

The 12th was our 20th wedding anniversary and today is my ?? birthday.  My in-laws are taking us on a 7-day cruise to Mexico aboard Carnival Splendor the first week in October.   (This will be their 29th cruise)  I'm excited because we haven't been on an out of town vacation in 14 years.    But, I think I've watched Titantic too many times.  lol  My philsophy is God didn't make us to fly in the air or float on water and I'm gonna be doin both.  Boats (ship) and planes OH MY!!

I leave you with this awesome birthday card from Jo at Serendiptous Stitching.  Thank you so much Jo.  What a wonderful birthday surprise.  Sassy (I changed her name) is checking it out.

You can click on any pics to enlarge.

Thanks for looking.   Linda