CARS - AvroraCS

CARS - AvroraCS


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Stitched Horsey Poop

Hi Blogger Friends.  As the title says, I stitched Old Gray's poop!!  I really think that I can get this done by 4-1-14.

Here is a close up of the area I just finished.  The white fence, yeah, the poop and the colored stars and lines.  I just have to fill in under and behind the horse with creamy and a couple hundred stitches of orange and yellow from the back hooves to the rake and page 4 will be done.  I really need to start doing some more backstitch, but I need to do another mouse and I just haven't convinced myself yet.

You can see everyone's progress on the SAL page at the top.


Finish 17

Santa Hang-up - Diane Arthurs
14ct white aida
Started 1-8-13
Finished 10-29-13

This was a Saturday SAL with Debbie.  Debbie is still working on hers along with about 60 other ones.  lol  We are going to start a new Saturday SAL with Kaye.
Fall Welcome by Diane Arthurs.  Debbie and I started ours during the UCJC2013 but just barely started.

You can click on any pictures to enlarge.

Thanks for looking.   Linda

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Two Updates

Hi Blogger Friends.  I actually stitched on something else besides the Stable this past week.  This is suppose to be a Saturday SAL with Debbie.  It is Santa Hang-up by Diane Arthurs.  The last time I posted a pic was June 25.


I worked on this for 4 days and I'm almost done.

Bothy Threads Cut-thru Stable.  I have been working to the right of her tail and the far right white fence area.  I have done a few stitches on page 6.  When I finish pages 3 and 4,  pages 5 and 6 only have 2400 stitches on each page.  It is mostly big solid blocks of color and shouldn't take toooooooooo long.  lol  You can see everybody's progress on the SAL page at the top.

Thanks for looking.    Linda

Monday, October 14, 2013

Linda's Turtle Trot SAL October Update

Hi Blogger Friends.  Well yippee!!!  I actually have been stitching on these for the last couple of weeks.  I'm proud to say that I made some decent progress on some of them.  You can read all about the Turtle Trot and see the other stitchers that are doing it at BAP Attack hosted by Claudette. 

I was already to post yesterday, but the camera wouldn't upload.  Happy to say that my awesome DH was able to fix it today.

1.  Cat Lessons - Lizzie Kate - did the cat and started the fish bowl

2.  The Old West - Little House Needleworks - here's a yippee!! - I finally finished the Alamo


3.  Autumn Alphabet - Lizzie Kate  (Finish 16)
14ct Green Marbled Aida
Started 1-10-12
Finished 10-13-13

4.  Blue Bird Floral - Diane Arthurs - finished the blue border

5.  6 Fat Men - Lizzie Kate - did 2 strands of the white

6.  Fredericka - Carriage House Samplings - changed some of the colors and like it a lot better - finished her head and neck

7.  Happy Camper - Diane Arthurs - did the wood, mugs, watermelon and basket

8.  Summer Season - Sandra Cozzolino - started the flowers and vines

9.  Mermaid Myrna - Diane Arthurs - finished the pink in her tail

10.  Crabby All Year - Raise the Roof - another Yippee!! - started and finished March

11.  Christmas Village - Prairie Schooler - I hate stitching on this fabric.  It's sparkly and the holes are big and I just wasn't enjoying stitching it all.  So, I cut out the design and saved the rest of the fabric.  It might be okay for small ornaments.  I bought this chart several years ago on ebay and paid $48.00 for it.  I will sell it for that plus postage.

12.  January Sampler - Waxing Moon Designs - did the tree and started the house

Claudette is going to do this SAL again next year.  I stitch on these and think about what I want to add to it next year.

Thanks for looking.  Linda

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Boring Stable Update

Hi Blogger Friends.  I'm so proud of myself.  I have actually been working on my Turtle Trot pieces and North Pole House for the last couple weeks.  The only other thing I have stitched on is my Monday SAL Stable.  I didn't get much done on it this week.  But, some is better than none.

I did the pink and green on the bottom right and the blue rope under the horse.  Also, one strand of \yellowy and creamy.

Thanks for looking.     Linda

Saturday, October 5, 2013

October YOTA SAL and TUSAL Updates

Hi Blogger Friends.  It's time for the Year of the Acronym update.  It is being hosted by Pull the Other Thread and you can read about it HERE.  This is Bothy Threads cut-thru North Pole House.  I managed to work on it four days this past month.  AND, I actually managed to do quarter backstitches on his hands and face.  (You can click on the pics to enlarge.)




It's time for the Totally Useless Stitch a-long.  You can read all about it on It's Daffycat's blog HERE.   I do believe that I might actually be able to fill up the clear snowman ornament this year.

Thanks for looking.   Linda

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Just Another Stable Update

Hi Blogger Friends.  I didn't get a lot done this week.  Only one strand of yellowy and one strand of white.  I did backstitch the bee, 2 signs and the roses.

The second sign was suppos to say "Dogs must be kept under control".  I wasn't going to stitch those quarter backstitches.

The bottom sign was suppose to say "Free manure - good for roses".  I wouldn't attempt those quater backstitches in a million years.

What do you think?  I smiled the rest of the day while I was stitching.

Thanks for looking.   Linda