CARS - AvroraCS

CARS - AvroraCS


Monday, December 31, 2012

Starts 98 - 103

Hi Blogger Friends.  I hope you all had a wonderful and stitchy stash Christmas.
Well, I reached my goal - I started 103 projects in 2012.  I finished 8 (guess thats better than none) lol
So, with my other UFO's - I will be starting 2013 with 124 UFO's/wip's.  I will be doing the UCJC2013 by starting 31 more projects in January.   I have also signed up for the Turtle Trot SAL 2013 (page and pics at top of blog)  Really excited for this one.  Might actually get one done.

(edit:   UCJC2013 page is done) 

Here are the rest of my starts:

98 - Meow Block - Lizzie Kate

 99 - Witch Is In - Imaginating - Diane Arthurs

100 - Autumn Band Sampler - Little House Needleworks

101 - Harvest Light - Imaginating - Diane Arthurs

102 - February - Prairie Schooler

103 - Santa's 12 Days of Christmas - Day 4 - Prairie Schooler

Remember the picture of my fake tree with the live ornament?

I would guess that 90% of the christmas trees in the world have Angel Tree Toppers.

I don't think too many can boast about having a live Devil Tree Topper!!!!!!


Thanks for looking.  Linda

Final WIPocalypse Update for 2012

With all the new starts in November and December  I only worked on one other piece.

Santa's 12 Days of Christmas - Prairie Schooler


Monday, December 24, 2012

MERRY CHRISTMAS - Starts 94 - 97

Merry Christmas to all my cyber friends.  I have so enjoyed getting to know you all thru our blogs.  Maybe some day we will meet in person.
I have 4 more starts.  Only 4 starts left for this year.  I have my 31 starts picked out for January (still have to cut fabric) and my 13 Turtle Trot SAL pieces picked out.  Can't wait to get started.

Start 94 - Blue Bird Floral - Imaginating - Diane Arthurs

Start 95 - Autumn Season - Imaginating - Sandra Cozzolino

Start 96 - Housework Never Killed Anyone - Lizzie Kate

Start 97 - Hocus Pocus - Lizzie Kate  (this fabric is actually very very orange)

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Stitchy New Year.

Thanks for looking.  Linda

Sunday, December 16, 2012

TUSAL - Starts 90 - 93

Hi Blogger Friends.  It's almost time for Santa.  Is everybody ready!!
 First up is the last TUSAL post for 2012.  For as many starts as I've had this year, this jar isn't very full.  I do however keep every small piece if I can get a stitch or two out of it.  I also use the strand till I have just enough to end with.

Start 90 - Best Friends - Imaginating - Diane Arthurs

Start 91 - Wine a Bit - Lizzie Kate

Start 92 - Woof Block - Lizzie Kate

Start 93 - Spring Season - Imaginating - Sandra Cozzolino

We have a fake tree, so I have to have live ornaments.

I just want to send my thoughts and prayers to those families and friends that lost loved ones on Friday in Newtown, CT. 

Thanks for looking.  Linda

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Display 2012 - Starts 87 -89

Hi Blogger Friends.  We got everything out and lit on the 29th.  However, for three days, we had horrid winds and torrential rains. (7" in 3 days).  We had a few small things blow over, several times, but nothing broke.  We didn't light them for a couple days.  Here they are:  (you can click on any picture to enlarge)

Start 87 - Flip Flop Welcome - Imaginating - Diane Arthurs

Start 88 - Wouldn't Life Be Great - Lizzie Kate

Start 89 - Winter Greens - Little House Needleworks

Thanks for looking.  Linda

Monday, December 3, 2012

Starts 83 - 86

Hi Blogger Friends.  We finally got all the christmas decorations out and lit this past Thursday. (The day I said we would).  However, we had horrid winds and torrential rains for 3 days.  They ended yesterday afternoon so we are finally able to light everything.  Will have pics in the next day or two.
Here are 4 more starts:

Start 83 - Hoo Knows - Imaginating - Diane Arthurs

Start 84 - Trust - Imaginating - Diane Arthurs

Start 85 - Santa's Boy Toys - Up Up and Away - Stoney Creek Magazine

Start 86 - All You Can Eat - Picnic Area - Prairie Schooler

I also won a giveaway from Regina, whose blog is Oubliette.  She went to a stitching retreat and received several goody bags.  There were a few things that she wasn't going to stitch, so she offered them on her blog.  I got these 3 cool charts and the cross stitch magazine.  I love Ezmiralda's Brew.  Thank you Regina.

I was also lucky enough to receive a RAK from Andrea whose blog is The Craft Room.  She sent me a gorgeous ornament with an awesome finish.  (I am finish challenged).  She also sent a beautiful card that she made.  This is the first stitchy piece that I have ever received.  Thank you so much Andrea.  I just love it.
I am posting a LINK to her blog because her pictures are much better than mine.

I'll leave you with (from left) Daddy Smeegol, daughter Midnight and son Moon Dragon.

Thanks for looking.  Linda