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Monday, July 30, 2012

Lost Camera

Hi Blogger Friends.  I wanted to post some very sad update pics, but DH seems to have misplaced the camera.  We've been looking for six days.  Have tore every drawer, cupboard, dresser, underneath everything, etc.  I even got desparate and looked in the canisters.  No camera.
I haven't been stitching because I had another round of antibotics (2 different kinds) and a night in the ER a few weeks ago.  Another infection in my left arm.  It all healed up great even my hands.  I was so excited. 
A couple months ago I was getting out of the car and looked directly into the sun and my left eye went 95% black for about 15 min.  I just put it off as looking into the sun.  It happened five more times.  I had my yearly physcial on the 13th and mentioned it to my doctor.  Long story short, my carotid artery on the left side of my neck is 90% blocked.  This can cause temporary or permanent blindness, stroke, etc.  I go into the hospital tomorrow July 31 for angiogram of the neck and heart.  If he finds any problems or blockages in the heart he will fix them when he's in there taking pictures.  Than on Wednesday a different doctor will clean out the carotid artery.  If everything goes okay, I will be home Thursday.  I am basically blind in my right eye so if I lose sight in the left one I'm done for.  I sure hope to be back with a happy update.  (Heck, maybe hubby will find the camera while I'm gone).
I could sure use some cyber hugs and well wishes.

Thanks,  Linda

this is hubby linda's home now everything went great, her heart clean, and they cleaned out the artery that was about 98% closed. the day before she went to the hospitol i found the camera, it was i top of the dresser underneath some paper. js