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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Saturday, July 23, 2011

America is DONE

So sorry for not posting: but I wanted to get America done to enter in the county fair.  I DID it.

America - Land That We Love - Jean Farish 14 ct Natural Aida
started 3-19-2011
finished 7-19-2011

If you look at a previous post there is a picture of the original design.  I changed colors on some and also designed  squares 1 and 6 in the first row and last row.  I changed alot of the letters in the state names.  I also backstitched around the letters. It was such a joy to stitch, I'm almost sorry that its done.  Question??   I paid $120.00 to have this framed.  Is that alot or about average?  Please let me know.

Below are pictures of the other pieces that I entered in the fair.

Caught In The Act - Needle Treasures kit

Fishing Nostalgia - Bucilla kit

Real Men - Ursula Michael - The Cross Stitcher Magazine (sore subject)

Alpabet Blocks - Carriage House Sampling

Splish! Splash! - Janlynn kit

Sadly, I only got one afghan crocheted.  This is a baby blanket.

On the bottom right is one I didn't get done. 

I will go over to the fair on Monday for the judging and let you all know the results.  I heard today, that we might not have a county fair next year because the funding was cancelled.

I swore last July and am doing alot of swearing now, that I wasn't going to wait until June to start croching afghans to enter in the fair.  So, here is my rotation plan for the next year or forever LOL:

1.  I joined a Lizzie Kate blog SAL on Mondays.  I am going to start Christmas Rules.

2.  I joined the LHN Cake SAL.  I am going to start The Chocolate Shoppe.

3.  I am going back to my one strand a day and one day a week.  I am working on The Library by LHN.

4.  One of my Crazy January Challenge starts.

5.  One of my Up for a Challenge pieces.

6.  I am going to crochet one square or row etc. a day and one day a week.

7.  Whatever!!

Okay, I thnik I have rambled on enough.  Hope you all made it to the end.  Comments are appreciated.

Thanks for looking.   Linda

Crocheted this in June for my nephews new baby.