CARS - AvroraCS

CARS - AvroraCS


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Starts 25 - 31

Hi Blogger Friends.  Thank you for all of the nice comments and well wishes.  Something sad happened yesterday and I have decided I'm done complaining.  A little history about me.

I have had cluster/stress headaches for the last 47 years.  My feet and legs started swelling over 20 years ago.  I had breast cancer and a mastectomy and the lymph nodes on my left side removed 22 years ago.   My arm is about 3 times bigger and probably weighs 5 pounds more than the right.  I am very fat and I still smoke.  I'm pretty much blind in my right eye from birth.  I have to wear glasses for stitching and reading and somedays it doesn't like to see very well.  My carotid artery was 99 percent blocked 4 years ago and it had to be roto rooted.  I'm 67 years old and the only thing that still works good is my heart.

Yesterday we had to have one of our beloved cats put to sleep.  She had a large tumor on the left side of her jaw that was cancer.  There was nothing they good do for her.  She was only 7 1/2.  Last year we had to have one of our dogs put to sleep.  He had liver cancer and they could not do anything for him either.  He was only 9 1/2 years old.

I realized after yesterday with Mocha that life is to short to moan and groan and feel sorry for myself.  At least I'm still alive.  I don't know how much longer I will be able to see to stitch.  That is why I start so many projects.  At least I can say I got to work on them a little. So, no more complaining.  Enough said.

Start 25

Start 26

Start 27

Start 28

Start 29

Start 30

Start 31 - This one is for the April challenge.  It is an alphabet chart (not Clouds Factory) stitched on one piece of fabric which I haven't even cut yet.  Each letter has a box around it.  I am hoping to get the boxes stitched by April.  I will start one letter a day (not counted as starts) in April.  If I get the letter done - yeah me.  If not, that's okay.

I haven't worked on my Ten-a-day projects since the second week.  You all know how stubborn I am and I will get caught up even if it takes me until December.  lol  I will be doing more starts this year.  But, only when I can't control myself.  In fact, I think I have found my new obsession designs for this year.  The Alice and Red Riding Hood bundles from MrsPeggottyArts on Etsy.  I'll see how long I can wait before I start one.

Thank you if you made it this far.  I hope to be back Sunday with at least one Ten-a-day project caught up.

Thanks for stopping by.    Linda

Friday, January 27, 2017

January GG and Smalls SAL

Hi Blogger Friends.

GIFTED GORGEOUSNESS is being hosted by Jo of Serendipitous Stitching We all have projects that have been gifted to us or pieces that we are doing as gifts.   This SAL is so we can work on those and post on the 15th.  The magazine was gifted to me by our wonderful hostess.

Mini London by Satsuma Street - I stitched the red on the bus.  Boy, am I having a hard time stitching on this dark fabric.  It took me an hour to stitch those few red stitches.  I wanted to finish the red, but I have such a nasty headache, I gave up.  But, I figure I better post something or Jo's going to kick me out.  lol

It's the last Friday of the month and time for the first Smalls SAL post.  This is being hosted by Heather of Stitching Lotus.  We pick a small project to stitch on and post a finished picture on the last Friday of the month.
Tiny Tidings XIII - Lizzie Kate
14ct scrap aida
Started 12-13-16
Finished 1-26-17

Thanks for stopping by.   Linda   (Only 5 starts left.  YIPPEE}

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Starts 16 - 24

Hi Blogger Friends.  Thank you for all your ideas on my last post.  But, darn, you weren't any help. LOL  My legs don't seem to like the extreme cold either.  We have had 17 days of rain this month. Last week we had rain, hail and 50 MPH wind gusts.  I spent most of the week in bed freezing and hurting as I set the heater at 69.  Tad bit warmer the last couple days.  That said - I didn't touch my Ten-a-day pieces last week or this week yet.  I hope to at least get last week and this week done so I can post them on the 31st.  I have decided if I don't post them once a week in February and March I won't have anything to post.  I will be madly trying to get stuff worked on for the April challenge. Here are my last 9 starts.

Start 16

Start 17

Start 18

Start 19

Start 20

Start 21

Start 22

Start 23

Start 24

Thanks for stopping by.    Linda

Monday, January 16, 2017

Starts 13 - 15 and Week 2 of Ten-a-Day SAL

Hi Blogger Friends.  Again, I can't thank you all enough for the wonderful comments you leave.  They are greatly appreciated.

Start 13

Start 14

Start 15

Sweet Spring

Dog Park

Garden Cat

Pretty Little New York

Mermaid Myrna

I have a question for all of you.  I am doing 31 starts this month.  Feb. March and April will be spent on working on my April A - Z pieces so I really won't have much to post except the Ten-a-Day pieces.  Only problem with posting them once a week is its kinda hard to see much - if any progress.  I may have a couple starts thrown in if I can get some natural brown fabric.
My question is:  Would you prefer to see progress pics on them once a week, by-weekly or once a month.  Appreciate your reply.

Thanks for stopping by.   Linda

Friday, January 13, 2017

Starts 9 - 12

Hi Blogger Friends.  So far I'm keeping up with my starts.  These little characters take me 3 - 4 hours each to stitch.  Last year they averaged 2 1/2 - 3 hours each.  I guess a year older and an hour slower.

Start 9

Start 10

Start 11

Start 12

Thanks for stopping by.   Linda

Thank you all for the sweet comments on my last post.  I am enjoying the day a ten.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Starts 5 - 8 and Ten-a-Day

Hi Blogger Friends.  Thank you for all of the nice comments.  As I mentioned in my last post, I joined a new Facebook group called Ten-a-Day.  The idea is to pick a piece that has about 3650 stitches.  You stitch just 10 stitches a day on it and at the end of the year you will have a finish.  WELL, you all know me.  I can't pick just one project to work on - I had to pick FIVE.

1.  (Stupid Computer)

2.  Started the dogs head.  (This was started the end of last year.)

3.  Started the cats head.  (This was started the end of last year.)

4.  I did some blue on the bottom and the white on the top right.  (I haven't worked on this in over a year.)

5.  I started backstitching the fish.  (I haven't worked on this in over a year either.)

Start 5

Start 6 - Hercules by Clouds Factory

Start 7

Start 8

Thanks for stopping by.    Linda

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Starts 1 - 4 and FINISH 1

Hi Blogger Friends.  Doing the Boogie Woogie in my chair.  My first finish for the year.  Hopefully I can pass my 60 finishes from last year.

Finish 1
Sleeping Beauty - DoNa Stitch on Etsy
14ct White Aida
Started 1-17-16
Finished 1-1-17

Start 1 - Ariel by Avrora on Etsy

Start 2 - Sweet Spring by Satsuma Street on Etsy  (Stupid computer wouldn' let me turn the picture)
              There's a new Facebook group called Ten-a-Day.  The idea is to pick a project with about 
              3650 stitches in it.  You do 10 stitches a day and should have a finish at the end of the year.
              This is one of them.  You all know me and doing just one a day would drive me goofy. 
             (Worse them I am already.)  So, I will be working on 5 projects a day and doing a weekly 
               update of them on Sundays.

Start 3

Start 4

Thanks for stopping by.    Linda

P.S.  I did CATCH and PASS Kate last year with my number of UFO's/WIP's.  Her and several other stitchers are doing a year of starts also this year.   NOT ME