CARS - AvroraCS

CARS - AvroraCS


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bothy Threads cut-thru SAL Update 5 and other SAL Updates

Hi Blogger Friends.  I stayed up waaaaay to late stitching on the Stable and it doesn't even look like I got much done.  (sad face)  I have updated the HH and cut-thru pages at the top.


John's Narrow Boat

Halloween House - Ursula Michael

Good Morning - Joan Elliott

Santa's 12 Days of Christmas - Day 4 - Prairie Schooler

Thanks for looking.  Linda

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bothy Threads cut-thru SAL Update 4 and Linda's April Ornament

Hi Blogger Friends.  I'm still having way to much fun stitching on this.  You can see everybody's progress and what the finished design will look like on my Bothy Threads SAL page on top.  (you can click on the pics to enlarge)

Stable  (that red thing is not his tail - its a rope)

John's Narrow Boat

Finish #9  April Ornament    These are fun designs to stitch.
Deck the Halls - Jingles - Lizzie Kate
14ct Natural Brown aida
Started 4-17-13
Finished 4-18-13

Thanks for looking.   Linda

Sunday, April 21, 2013

SAL Updates

Hi Blogger Friends.  Its been a few weeks since I posted my SAL's.  (You can click on the pics to enlarge)

Halloween House - Ursula Michael     I also updated the HH page at the top.

Good Morning - Joan Elliott - SAL with Evalina

The next three are weekend rotation SAL pieces with Debbie.

Santa's 12 Days of Christmas - Day 4 - Prairie Schooler

Summer & Winter - June - Prairie Schooler

Thankful Critters - Ursula Michael       That little chipmunk was a big pain in the behind and it bit my finger.

Yippee!!!!  Tomorrow is cut-thru Stable.  My big behind will be in the stitchy chair a-l-l  day.

Thanks for looking.   Linda

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bothy Threads cut-thru SAL Update 3

Hi Blogger Friends.  I'm sure your going to get tired of me saying how much I love stitching on this.  So, I have decided, as soon as I finish one of my bigger pieces I am going to start another one.  It is so hard to only work on this one day a week.  I enlarged the chart and am coloring it as I go (first time).   So looking at the colored chart makes it look like I have alot more done.


I taught my husband, John how to cross stitch about 20 years ago.  He goes in stitching moods.  He'll stitch for a year and than nothing for several years.  He seems to like this design so I'm hoping he'll stick with it.  He does beautiful work.  In fact, I think his stitches are better than mine.  He has about 15 pieces started and I'm afraid he will never finish them.  (You can click on the pics to enlarge)

Narrow Boat

Thanks for looking.    Linda

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Linda's Turtle Trot SAL April Update

Hi Blogger Friends.  I managed to work on all 13 pieces again since the last post.  I also worked on all my SAL pieces and even started a new SAL.  You can read all about this SAL on BAP - Attack.  It sure is a lot of fun.  (You can click on any picture to enlarge.)

1.  Cat Lessons - Lizzie Kate - added another phrase

2.  The Old West - Little House Needleworks - worked on the Alamo

3.  Autumn Alphabet - Lizzie Kate - did F, G and O

4.  Blue Bird Floral - Diane Arthurs - started a leaf and the design on the bottom

5.  6 Fat Men - Lizzie Kate - worked on his coat

6.  Fredericka - Carriage House Samplings - did the 2 keys and heart

7.  Happy Camper - Diane Arthurs - did the flames and rest of the water

8.  Summer Season - Sandra Cozzolino - started the word Summer

9.  Mermaid Myrna - Diane Arthurs - did 2 more colors in her tail

10.  Crabby All Year - Raise the Roof - started the glass

11.  Christmas Village - Prairie Schooler - worked on the house

12.  January Sampler - Waxing Moon Designs - started filling in around January

13.  Mississippi Riverboat - Little House Needleworks - did & and Co.

Thanks for looking.     Linda

P.S.  We have a new Bothy Threads cut-thru SALonger.  My husband John.  He is doing the Narrow Boat.  I'll show pics on my next post.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Monday SAL Update and April TUSAL

Hi Blogger Friends.  I am so loving stitching on the Bothy Thread cut-thru Stable.  I really don't want to stop.  I may start another one so I can stitch on it whenever I want.  This is a Monday SAL with several other stitchers and growing.  Come on - ya know ya wanna join us.  You can see others progress on the SAL page at the top.
Its beginning to look a lot like a HORSE.

Here is my April TUSAL jar.

Thanks for looking.  Linda

Saturday, April 6, 2013

APRIL YOTA SAL UPDATE - Bothy Threads Cut Thru SAL

I joined another SAL last month.  It is YOTA (year of the acronym).  You pick one UFO and work on it during the month and post a before and after picture on the first Saturday of the month.  You can read all about it HERE.

The Library by Little House Needleworks

Only worked a couple hours on it one day.  I did the two green bushy things on the lower left.

Sharon and I decided to do a Monday Bothy Thread Cut-Thru SAL.  Debbie very excitedly joined us.  Debbie and I posted about it on our blogs and we now have 8 SALongers doing 7 different cut thru's.  They look kinda scary, but their not.  All full stitches, backstitches and a few french knots.
Please look at the Bothy Threads Cut Thru Monday SAL page at the top of my blog.  (copied from Debbie)
There are pictures of what each person will be stitching and links to their blogs.  There are also links to shops where you can get the kits or just the charts.  Several gals don't have their kits yet.
PLEASE come and join us.  The choices are endless.

I'll leave you with a pic of Mocha and Midnight.

Thanks for looking.     Linda

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Start 36 and RAK

Hi Blogger Friends.  I started my new SAL piece last night.  Only problem, I don't get much stitching done when Dancing With the Stars is on.  Oh, how I love me some Derek.  That's what my Monday night dreams are made of - along with Tuesday, Wednesday (oh stop you fat, bald old lady).  I could watch him dance f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

Start 36 - Cut-thru Stable - Bothy Threads - Sharon and I are doing the Stable.  Debbie is working on the Igloo.  And Monique just started the Gypsy Wagon.  Anyone else want to join us?  Just let one of us know.

I received these awesome charts from Maggee over at Stitching Devotee as a RAK.  Thank you so much Maggee.  I am looking forward to working on them.

Good Morning - Joan Elliott - This is a new Thursday SAL with Evalina.  She has been kind enough to give me a few weeks to catch up to her.

Halloween House - Ursula Michael - A few more weeks and I should be caught up to the other SALongers.  I have a witch now and a couple pumpkins have faces.

It's getting harder for me to work on 24 different pieces each month.  Everyone that I have been working on I just don't want to stop.  Maybe that will give me incentive to not spend so much time on this darn computer.

I'll leave with a couple pics of flowers that survived are freezing temps this winter.

Thanks for looking.    Linda