CARS - AvroraCS

CARS - AvroraCS


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Linda's February Ornament - Finishes 4 and 5

Hi Blogger Friends.  Hope you were sitting down when you read that title.  Two more finishes and its still only February.  I'm really scaring myself.  And, I could now start two and half new ones, but I'm just not in the starting mood right now.  (That really scares me).

Finish #4  Monday SAL with Debbie.
Singing the Blues
Little House Needleworks
VMSS - Blue w/Brown 
GA - Spring Grass 
GA - Blue Jay
CC - Wild Berries

CC - Khaki Mocha

I joined the 2013 Ornament SAL.  You stitch an ornament a month for any holiday.

Finish #5  This was such a fun and quick stitch.  I really enjoyed stitching this one.
 Noel - Jingle series - Lizzie Kate
14ct Natural Brown
Started 2-23-13
Finished 2-27-13

This is going to be Debbie and my next Monday SAL.  The Bear and the Bees - Prairie Schooler

And my bestest far away rooter on-er Debbie  picked ABraCaDaBra Sampler by Lisa Cowell as my third  three week rotation piece.  (I just couldn't decide on my own).

Thanks for looking.   Linda

P.S.  I added 2 UFO pages to the top of my blog with almost all of the pieces I have started.  Still have 4 or 5 more that I have not pulled out.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Finish #3 and Starts 32 and 33

Hi Blogger Friends.  Another finish and its still only February.  Go me!!   Well, here goes another long winded post.  Hope you stay with me.

Finish #3 - This is a SAL with DebbieLesleyanne  and  Anglea.
 Treats - (Boo Club) - Lizzie Kate
14ct Provence Lavender
Started 1-19-12
Finished 2-21-13

Start 32 - Black Cat - (Boo Club) - Lizzie Kate

Start 33 - Noel - (Jingles) - Lizzie Kate - This is for the monthly ornament SAL.  What a fun little stitch.  I think I will leave the candy border off the top and bottom.   Yipppeee!!  I will have another finish this month.

Halloween House - Ursula Michael - SAL with several others.  I finally finished the huge green roof and started the bushes in front of the house.   (You can see all our progress on my HH SAL page at the top.)

Santa's 12 Days of Christmas - Day 4 - Prairie Schooler - SAL with  Debbie  and  Kaye.

Singing the Blues - Little House Needleworks - SAL with  Debbie.  I hope to finish this one tomorrow.

September - Prairie Schooler - SAL with  Debbie  and  Rosemary.

I received this cute chart and she added the 3 skeins of floss (scary - I didn't have these colors) from Denise at Riverside Stitching in her giveaway.  Go check out her great stitching blog.

Sharon who's blog is Shebafudge and lives in the UK was kind enough to order this UK magazine for me.  I wanted the Joan Elliott booklet that came free with the magazine.  Go check out her awesome stitching blog.  Thank you to both great stitching friends.

I decided I needed some online therapy (geez I have finished 3 pieces this year) so I got a little stash.

I live in the Sierra Foothills in Northern California at about the 1200' elevation.  We decided to have some snow last Tuesday.  I have lived in this town for 22 years.  (10 miles up the highway for the prior 21 years)
This is the 6th time that is has snowed and stuck since I've lived down here.  It snowed for about 3 hours and was sticking on the grass, roofs and vehicles.  Froze overnight and was gone by Wednesday afternoon.

I'll leave you with a picture of Morris.  Doesn't he look evil?  lol
You can click on any of the pics to enlarge.

Thanks for looking.  Linda

PS Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is having another awesome floss giveaway.  Go check it out.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Finish #2 and LUCKY LUCKY ME

WARNING!  Very long winded post.

Hi Blogger Friends.  Yipppeee!!  I finished my second piece for the year so I get to start a new one.  Only one problem, there are a whole lot more that I want to start than just one.  My fingers and brain are being very bad, BUT, I haven't started anything yet.  I do need to start an ornament for the monthly SAL and a traveling pattern that I won.  That leads into lucky, lucky me.

I really should buy a lotto ticket.  This year, I have won:  4 giveaways, a traveling pattern (I will be offering the pattern when I am done), a wonderful blogger friend had finished stitching a piece I really liked.  I asked if I could buy the chart and she just gave it to me.  Another great blogger friend from the UK ordered a UK cross stitch magazine I was looking for and its on its way.

I won this adorable chart from Angie at Lovie Dew Stitchery.  And look at the great card she sent.  Go check out her blog.

I won these 2 cards and a chart in a giveaway by Sharine at Charbella Stitching.  Go check out her HAED Faery Tales.

Sadie at Stitching up a Storm gave me this chart.  Go check out her stitched piece.

Dani at Black Belt Stitching Wizard has been working on this one.  And of course I found it on ebay and had to have it.

The traveling pattern that I won.  It started with Parsley at Seasons of my Mind.  Click on the link to see what happened.  Next up it went to Astrid at Dragon Stitches and Stuff by Astrid.  Click the link to see what happened at Astrid's.  I WILL break the curse.  (I will be having a giveaway when I'm done)

The other three I haven't got yet.

Now for my ta-da FINISH #2 and its only February.
 Santa's 12 Days of Christmas - Prairie Schooler
14ct Summer Khaki
Started 6-10-12
Finished 2-10-13

I also worked on a couple SAL's.
Halloween House - Ursula Michael - did 3 rows in the roof and finished the gray under the witch.

September - Prairie Schooler - finished the squirrel.

I am in SAL's Friday thru Monday.  I have decided I want to do my own rotation stitching Tuesday thru Thursday.  I have 3 pieces I will rotate - one a week.

1.  Boo Club by Lizzie Kate (actually a SAL to finish one word a month - OOPS the other 3 gals have three done and I have NONE)
2.  Gee, but I can't seem to decide.
3.  Stitches, Stars and Stripes by Blue Ribbon Designs.  No progress pic as I have only been making blue boxes.  I sometimes love mindless stitching.  When I have a few minutes I can just pick it up and make squares without having to worry about getting out the chart, floss, etc.
 Stitches, Stars, and Stripes ~ A Sampler for Vicki
This one is waiting in the wings.

 Postcard From Paradise

One last thing.  I learned something interesting on Animal Planet last night.  My Sassy is a Calico.  A true calico is the coloring of Sassy - black, brown, orangey, gray, white.  Another thing, 99% of calico's are female.

A Tabby cat, which calico's are often called, have one distinctive marking.  They can be striped, spotted or multi colored, but lighter.  But, they all have an M on their forehead.  If not, they are not a tabby.
Photos from web:  (More photos)

Thanks for looking.   Linda

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Linda's Turtle Trot SAL 2013 February Update

Hi Blogger Friends.  It's time for our Turtle Trot SAL Update.  I actually managed to work on all 13 of them.  I am really enjoying this SAL.  You can read about it on BAP Blog.  You can also see the current progress on My Turtle Trot SAL page.  I will update it every month.

1.  Cat Lessons - Lizzie Kate - added more words

2.  The Old West - Little House Needleworks - added the darker gray and dark brown to The Alamo

3.  Autumn Alphabet - Lizzie Kate - did J and N the pumpkin and started acorn

4.  Blue Bird Sampler - Diane Arthurs - added the yellow in the nest

5.  6 Fat Men - Lizzie Kate - finished the pink border and did the words.

6.  Fredericka - Carriage house Samplings - finished out lining the bird and did a key

7.  Happy Camper - Diane Arthurs - did mper

8.  Summer Season - Sandra Cozzolino - added June and July

9.  Mermaid Myrna - Diane Arthurs - finished fins and did clam

10.  Crabby All Year - Raise the Roof - started outlining the pink square

11.  Christmas Village - Prairie Schooler - finished the roof and did the light brown

12.  January Sampler - Waxing Moon -  did more dark blue words

13.  Mississippi Riverboat - Little House Needleworks - finished the swirly design on the bottom

(You can click on any picture to enlarge.

Thanks for looking.   Linda