CARS - AvroraCS

CARS - AvroraCS


Saturday, December 31, 2016

Starts 481 - 521

Hi Blogger Friends.  I want to thank each and everyone of you for being my friend.  I feel as though I know you even though we have never met in person.  Just visiting my blog makes me smile.  I never thought so many stitchers would be interested in my blog.  A very extra special THANK YOU for all of the lovely comments you leave.  Please know that I am still reading your blogs and leaving comments but you still don't get an email.  No clue!!!
Here are the rest of this years starts.

Starts 481 - 486

Start 487

Start 488

Start 489

Start 490

Start 491

Start 492

Start 493

Start 494

Start 495

Start 496

Starts 497 - 508  (These were a free calendar from Cross Stitch Crazy magazine.  They are designed by Durene Jones.)

Starts 509 - 520  (I realized I messed up on June.  Will fix when I stitch on it again.)

Start 521 - This start is for the April A - Z challenge so no picture.

Goals (sorta) for 2017.  I will be doing Debbie's Crazy Challenge and starting a new one everyday in January.  I am also doing the April A - Z Challenge.  I would so love to come up with a rotation, but so far nothing seems to work for me.  I get to stressed if I don't stitch on something when I'm suppose to.  So, I think I will just stitch on what I want when I want and for as long as I want.  (After April that is)  I do have plans for January through April.


Thanks for stopping by.    Linda

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Display and Starts 424 - 480

Hi Blogger Friends.  Thanks for all of your visits and comments.  I really appreciate them.  I thought I would start with our Christmas display before I bore you with more starts.

Starts 424 - 428  Tiny Tidings XII

Starts 429 - 433  Tiny Tidings XIII

Starts 434 - 438  Tiny Tidings XIV

Starts 439 - 443  Tiny Tidings XV

Starts 444 - 449  Tiny Tidings XVI

Starts 450 - 454  Tiny Tidings XIX

Starts 455 - 458  (I love these little designs but not the drab colors so I just started all the borders.)

Starts 459 - 462

Starts 463 - 466

Start 467

Start 468

Starts 469 - 472

Starts 473 - 476

Starts 477 - 480

Stupid computer or stupid something wouldn't let me crop the pictures and I'm to computer stupid to figure it out.

I will be back on the 31st with my final starts for the year and my sorta plans for next year.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Starts 379 - 423

Hi Blogger Friends.  No crocheting.  No Sleeping Beauty.  Just more starts.

Starts 379 - 386  Prairie Schooler  Santa's and Snowmen

Start 387

Start 388
Stoney Creek-Truckin' Santa

Start 389

Starts 390 - 393

Starts 394 - 397

Starts 398 - 400
Start 401

Starts 402 - 407

Starts 408 - 410

Starts 411 - 413  Tiny Tidings III

Starts 414 - 418  Tiny Tidings VII

Starts Starts 419 - 423  Tiny Tidings XI

Thanks for stopping by.    Linda

(Sorry for the crummy pictures.  Its been dark and/or rainy here)