CARS - AvroraCS

CARS - AvroraCS


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nicola's fun sleeping giveaway

Nicola is having a fun contest for the best photo of funny sleeping positions.  One is for your furbabies and one for humans.  You can enter by posting a comment on her blog Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore.  Just post a link back to your blog.   
Her son will pick the winners on Sunday March 4.

Looking forward to seeing everybodys pictures.      Linda

Days 49 - 51 SDUCFebC

Hi Blogger Friends.  I am keeping up with my new starts, but still haven't stitched on any of my SAL pieces.  I will catch up soon.  Here are my next 3 starts.

Day 49 - Winter Sentiments - Diane Arthurs

Day 50 - Dog Lessons for People - Lizzie Kate

Day 51 - Birdhouse Welcome - Joan Elliott

Thanks for looking.     Linda

TUSAL Update #2

If nothing else, my Ort jar is getting fuller.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Handmade Pay It Forward

I am so excited.  This is the first time that I have won a PIF.  I won it from Meg at Committed Stitcher
As I mentioned before, I don't know how to do all the lovely cross stitch finishes that I see all over blogland.  However, I would love to crochet a little something for you.  I will leave it open until March 1.  If I have more than five people comment, I will pick the names on that date.

If you would like to receive a little crocheted item from me, leave a comment on this post only.   Please tell me your favorite color(s).

Before you comment, there is one stipulation.  You must promise to PIF and make something for five other people within one year.

Good luck and please let me make something for you.


PS  Don't forget about my one year blogoversary giveaway HERE.  I only need 13 more followers to have a third winner.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Days 45 - 48

Hi Blogger Friends.  I have four more starts.  But I've been really bad this week and not worked on any of my SAL's.  Will do double duty on them next week.

Day 45 - Merry Christmas Ornaments - Country Cottage Needleworks
               I am changing the colors to more traditional than pastel.

Day 46 - Mystic Island - By the Bay

Day 47 - Jolly Fellow - Ursula Michael

Day 48 - A Prairie Christmas - Prairie Schooler - Partridge

Thanks for looking.    Linda

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Days 40 - 44

Hi Blogger Friends.  I was almost caught up with my starts and than I got behinder again.  Now I am almost caught up again.  Only need to start 2 today.

Day 40 - ABC Halloween - Lizzie Kate
Day 41 - Autumn Leaves - Prairie Schooler

Day 42 - The Crab Is In - Waxing Moon

Day 43 - Be Naughty - Lizzie Kate

Day 44 - Little Miss Sunflower - Little House Needleworks (I changed the house color from ecru to a yummy bright yellow)

Thanks for looking.  Linda

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Days 38 and 39 - SAL Updates

Hi Blogger Friends.  Thank you again for the great comments.  Arm and hand are much better.

Wednesday is a summer theme SAL with Debbie from Debbie's Cross-Stitch.  We started these are Jan. 4 and have been doing one strand each week.
Lady Liberty - Diane Arthurs

Thursday is a SAL with Ruth from Ruth's Little Leprechauns
Robin Hood - Little House Needleworks

Friday is Halloween House SAL.  There are 10 of us doing this one.  You can see everyones progress on the HH SAL page at the top of my blog.

Day 38 - Gnomes in a Garden Row - Bent Creek

Day 39 - Welcome Flakes - Diane Arthurs

Yeah!  I am caught up with my SAL's except for Sundays which I will work on all day tomorrow.  I will do some sort of start on 3 news tonight and than I will be caught with my starts.

Thanks for looking.    Linda

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Days 36 and 37

Hi Blogger Friends.  Debbie and I are doing several SAL's this year.  As we finish one we will add another one.  We started on Jan. 2 with a snowman theme SAL.  We have been doing one strand a week to sorta keep up with it.  (I use really long strands and average about a 100 stitches per strand).  This is Snow Pals by Diane Arthurs.

I also have two more starts:

Day 36 - Hillside Travelers - Little House Needleworks

Day 37 - The Bear and the Bees - Prairie Schooler

Thanks for looking.   Linda

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Days 33 - 35

Hi Blogger Friends.  Thanks for the comments.  My hand is finally doing better.  I'm slowly catching up with my starts, but am still behind with my SAL's.  I have 3 new starts.

Day 33 - Normal is just a setting on the washer - Lizzie Kate

Day 34 - It's a Jingle Out There! - Lizzie Kate

Day 35 - Sweet Retreat - Ursula Michael

Too Cute - has to be one of my favorites.
Miss Murphy and Sparky

Thanks for looking.   Linda

WIPocalypse Update #2

I have been so intent on trying to catch up with my February starts and SAL's that I haven't been working on a WIP.  So last night I put 2 strands in and finished the posts beside the door.

The Library - Little House Needlework


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Days 31 and 32

Hi Blogger Friends.  Thank you for the nice comments and well wishes.  My hand was doing alot better until I washed the dishes last night.  Now it burns and stings from the skin coming off, but I'm still stitching.
First up is my Halloween House SAL progress.  Am so loving this one.  This picture actually shows the fabric color - 14ct vintage smokey white.

Day 31 - Cut Thru North Pole House - Bothy Threads

Day 32 - Christmas Miniatures - Prairie Schooler Book 29

14ct lt pink sparkly aida
started 2-4-12
finsihed 2-5-12
 Yeah me!!!  I actually finished stitching something.  Don't know if it will ever hang on the tree as I don't know how to finish them and don't own a sewing machine.  I actually took a picture that shows the color of the fabric.  2 yeahs for me.

Thanks for looking.   Linda

PS  Have updated the HH SAL page with everybodys progress.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Days 26 thru 30

Hi Blogger Friends.  Thank you all for the awesome comments.  I do enjoy reading them.  Sorry I haven't been here for a while. I do have a good reason for not stitching.   My left arm decided to get another infection.  Third one since September.  I have severe lymphedema and I've had an open blister thingy on the palm of my hand for several months that won't heal.  But I must say it is finally starting to dry up. YEAH  So I'm back on antibiotics again and it causes a yeast infection.  I do hope I got all of this crude out of my system early and the rest of the year is smooth sailing.
Okay, enough of that.  Onto stitching news.  I have starts 26 thru 30 and a SAL update.

Day 26 - Good Morning - Joan Elliott
(the first 4 pics were taken outside and all the fabric is white)
Day 27 - Seasonal Cat Welcome - Diane Arthurs

Day 28 - Under the Boardwalk - Pickle Barrel Designs
Day 29 - 6 Fat Men - Lizzie Kate

Day 30 - 12 Days of Christmas - Prairie Schooler
This is a SAL with Debbie and the only WIP piece I picked.

SAL with Ruth - Robin Hood - Little House Needlework

Only 1 January start left and 29 for February.  I'm behind in my SAL's also, so I am trying to play catch up with them too.

I leave you with a couple furbaby pics.

Moon Dragon stuck his nose in the yogurt cup.

This is why I get no stitching done.

Thanks for looking.   Linda

PS  I am up to 162 followers so that means I will have 2 winners for a lapghan.  You can go HERE to enter my blogoversary giveaway.