CARS - AvroraCS

CARS - AvroraCS


Sunday, March 24, 2019

5 B'day Projects and some Progress

Hi Blogger Friends.  Thank you for all of the nice comments.  They are greatly appreciated,
I've now worked on 33 birthday projects but I don't think I'll get 70 finishes this year.

29.  It's A Jingle Out There - Lizzie Kate

30.  Merry Friends - Santa '03 - Lizzie Kate

31.  Firehouse - Hometown Holiday - Little House Needleworks

32.  Pretty Little Tokyo - Satsuma Street

33.  Dreaming is Free - 3 Little Words - Lizzie Kate

I also worked on:

Its hard to tell but I did the white on the checkerboard on the top left, Lightning and the white under Lightning.  I have 2 more assignments for this one and I should get it done.

I worked on all of these projects for the School of Magical Stitches on Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by.  Linda

Sunday, March 10, 2019

5 B'day Projects and some progress

Hi Blogger Friends.  I didn't have much to show last week that's why I didn't post.  It makes me so sad that blogland is disappearing.  The first thing I do in the morning is read blogs.  I use to have 40 - 50 blogs a day to read.  I loved it.  It was my escape to the outside world.  Now, on a good day I might have 10 - 15.  I use to get 200 views on a post now I'm lucky if I get 50.  I will continue as a way to keep a record for myself and hope my computer doesn't crash.  Enough of the pity party.

I worked on 5 more birthday projects which makes me very excited.  I really might make it to 70 this year.

24.  Dear Santa, I Can Explain - Lizzie Kate

25.  Alice - AvroraCS

26.  Frozen - AvroraCS

27.  Ice Cream - Lizzie Kate

28.  Garden Cat - Satsuma Street

I am so loving the facebook group School of Magical Stitches and Literature.  It is such a fun group and the admins - Vickie and Kate are awesome.  The challenges are amazing.  I don't know when they find time to stitch.  There is weekly homework, monthly extra credit and ultimate for the year for both stitching and reading.  You don't have to be a Harry Potter fan (like me).  This is the only reason I will be able to do my birthday challenge.  You can do one or all or skip a month.  Whatever there is no pressure.  Go check out the group you might like it.  It sure motivates you to pull out those old WIP's and UFO's.

I also worked on Cars for the above challenge.  I'm going to be using it for 3 more challenges and hope to get it finished.  I know it looks close but there are still about 2500 - 3000 stitches left.  All those white stitches.  YUCK!

I also made a little more progress on Pretty Little New York by Satsuma Street.

Thanks for stopping by.   Linda