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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Need Your Help and Stable Update

Hi Blogger Friends.  I DID IT.  I finished stitching page 2 on the Stable.  Only about 9,000 stitches left.  I should be done by April 1, 2014.  I started it April 1, 2013.  I stitched one strand of creamy by his tail.  I also did the two signs and roses and leaves.  Those 8 roses were start and stop stitching again and took me forever.  I don't want to stop working on this one.

Now I need your help.  This Thursday is my 21st anniversary and this Saturday is my __th birthday.   I have decided to treat myself to two new starts.  A year older means I can't decide which two to start.  Here are my choices.

Bothy Threads cut thru Steam Train

Cut Thru' Steam Train

Bothy Threads cut thru Cottage

Cut Thru' Cottage

99 Bottles by Ink Circles

99 - Cross Stitch Pattern

Splish Splash by Diane Arthurs
Splish Splash - Cross Stitch Pattern
Please leave me a comment on this post only and vote for your 2 favorites.   I will start one on Saturday and one on  Sunday.  Thanks for your help.  I really appreciate it.

Thanks for looking.  Linda


SoCal Debbie said...

The roses in the Stable look so pretty! I see what you mean about stop and start, changing the colors so often, but that's what makes them so pretty! That's a great goal of finishing exactly a year later on April 1.

I vote for Steam Train and Splish Splash!

cucki said...

Beautiful Projects ..,I love them so much
Hugs x

cucki said...

Aww and I vote for steam train and cottage one..they both so cute
Hugs x

BearShe Cottage said...

Hello - I like the Cottage House and Splish Splash. Happy stitching.

Dot said...

I vote for 99 Bottles and Steam Train. And Happy Birthday!

stitchersanon said...

It has to be the two Cut Thrus...cant really see the point of all the bottles, unless you have a secret problem with drink? Love the two cut thrus though xxx Have a wonderful XX birthday!

Unknown said...

99 Bottles - I am starting it in 2014, and Steam Train are my favorites

Justine said...

I love the Cottage and the Train! The stable is looking really good.

Sarah in Stitches said...

I vote for the 99 Bottles and the Train. Too cute!

Shebafudge said... know what my two will be! Both of the Bothy Threads designs although I do like the beer one too. Oh the elephant is rather cute too. Oh, I don't ip dip doo.

Happy anninversary for Thursday and happy birthday for Saturday. Hope you have a great time for both. You may as well celebrate on Friday too :)

sharine said...

I vote for the train and the splish splash. Happy Birthday:)

Karyn said...

Happy early Birthday and Anniversary, Linda, I hope your days are just awesome!

OK, after much thought (this was not easy) I am going to chose "Steam Train" and "99"

I agree with Shebafudge...make it a 3 day celebration!


Kate said...

Great progress! And Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday!! I hope both days are wonderful for you :-)
My two favorites are Cut Thru Cottage and 99 Bottles.
Blessings :-)

Deb said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And many more even if you have stopped counting!
Your stables is really shaping up nicely! Roses are looking beautiful.
I love Splish Splash! Adorable. The Bothy cottage looks interesting. But, splash is my favorite!

Cindy said...

Your stable is coming along! I vote for Steam Train and Splish Splash. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday!

Shelly said...

Steam Train and Splish Splash are my votes. Stable is looking pretty good!

Anna van Schurman said...

I vote for 99 bottles because it's so different from the other things you are stitching!

EvalinaMaria said...

Dear Linda, happy birthday and happy anniversary! Did your husband came as a birthday gift? Just kidding.

Your progress is awesome and I think your two new starts should be 1) the train and 2) the bottles. Of course you can start whatever you like.

Margaret said...

Happy anniversary and happy birthday! Your stable looks great! I vote for the steam train and 99 Bottles. Fun fun!

Jackie said...

Hi Linda, That stable is looking good. Love it. Lots of work, but well worth it (I think).
Ok! Let me see…Cottage for your Anniversary because you established a home with your DH and Steam Train for your Birthday because that is a journey…you made many stops along the way (in your life).
Those are my two picks. Hope you have a wonderful Anniversary and Birthday too.

Anonymous said...

great update, happy birthday
what to start oh my there are all great starts. I would something different then a cut thru..That would leave you with beers and splish splash...Happy stitching

butterfly said...

Happy Birthday, love all the new starts I like splish splash and the cottage. Fun stitching for you , hugs.

cheryl said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday! I vote for Steam Train and Splish Splash. Have Fun!

Anonymous said...

Your wip is progressing beautifully!
Happy birthday for Saturday and happy Anniversary too.
I like Cut-Thru Cottage and Splish Splash (:

Monique said...

My 2 fav's are 99 bottles and the cottage.

Kay said...

I love both of the Cut Thru designs especially the Steam Train.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely progress on the Stable. My vote would be for the Steam Train.

Steph said...

I quite like the bothy threads kits :) They look fab. xxx

Catherine said...

They are all great, but I love the whimsy of the train and cottage!

Pumpkin said...

The Stable looks fantastic! You can see the end in sight, can't you ;)

Well first off, Happy Birthday! I hope it's a memorable one. Also, an Anniversary! WOW! Please tell me you won't take your stitching with you if you go out for a romantic meal ;)

Okay, I would pick 99 Bottles for your Anniversary and Cut Though Cottage for your Bday :)

Miamina said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday!

I vote for steam train and Splish Spalsh! They are all wonderful though so I'm sure you'll enjoy stitching them no matter which you choose :)

Brigitte said...

I vote for Steam Train (that little duck swimming inside the train is too funny) and Splish Splash.

Preeti said...

Hi Linda,
Wish you happy anniversary and happy birthday!!:)
I like the train and splish splash ones. Since in stable you have already done cottage type so doing other cottage will be a similar feeling.

Sally said...

Gorgeous progress on the stable.

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday. I vote for the cottage.

Carol said...

Wow--two big events in one week!! Happy Birthday and Anniversary, Linda--hope they are special days for you :)

My vote would be for the train and the beer. Have fun with your new starts!

Jan Gartlan said...

Happy Bday and Anniversary! I vote for the Bothys!!!

Tama said...

Your stable looks really good! I like the complicated roses :D
Hope you have a fun Birthday and Anniversary - I vote for the Train and Splish Splash. One a bit complicated and the other, one that doesn't look like it would take you a long long time to finish!

Stitching Noni said...

Well done on the stable. It is looking fantastic :)
Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday :)
I vote for the steam train and splish splash :) The elephant is just too cute not to stitch :)
Hope both celebrations are lots of fun and that you get spilt rotten!! :)

Annette-California said...

happy Birthday to you:) Stable is looking so pretty - I love the roses. I vote for Steam train and Cottage. Happy Anniversary too.
love Annette