CARS - AvroraCS

CARS - AvroraCS


Friday, April 22, 2016

S is for...

Harry Potter Alphabet by Clouds Factory

Seattle by Tiny Modernist - I added the black.

September (A Bit Of) by Lizzie Kate  (Finish #51)
14ct Summer Khaki
Started 12-30-15
Finished 4-22-16

Simba from the Lion King by Clouds Factory  (Finish #52)
14ct Blue Ridge
Started 1-30-16
Finished 4-22-16

Strawberry by Heart in Hand  (Start #114)

Thanks for stopping by.   Linda


Justine said...

Snape is my favourite! Great little stitch of him, and well done on all your other sweet finishes Linda.

Heather said...

Yay Snape! Great choices!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Више нова лепа почиње.

S is for Serbian

Look at that cute little lion cub!

#HeatherMakes said...

I love Snape and September :D

Great stitching :D


Kaisievic said...

Lots of lovely "S" s.

gominam said...

Can't resist smiling at Simba, so cute:)

Brigitte said...

Well done on your finishes, Linda. You are doing such a great job with this challenge.

Preeti said...

Snape is my daughter's favourite. Simba looks cute and September is beautiful:)

Angela said...

Wonderful letter "S" projects!

Tiffstitch said...

Great finishes and progress! Snape seems so cute and makes me miss Alan Rickman again.

Vickie said...

I love Simba!!!! your stitching is great!

Rachel said...

Over 50 finishes this year! Great stitching and progress. 3/4 of the way through the A-Z now! :)

Sarah in Stitches said...

Lovely stitching, and congrats on more finishes! :D