CARS - AvroraCS

CARS - AvroraCS


Monday, November 30, 2020


Hi Friends.  Thank you all for stopping by and leaving such nice comments.  I'm so happy there are still some of you reading my blog.  

I have worked on 5 stained glass pieces this month for a challenge on Full Coverage Fanatics on Facebook.  I stitched seasonal works and did 250 stitches for each letter (38 of them) and I actually got them done.

3032 stitches - Jack has about 6700 stitches.  I never thought I was going to get him done.

1539 stitches

2175 stitches  (Can anybody tell me that building thing is behind Pinocchio.)

1262 stitches

2320 stitches

I stitched a total of 10.328 stitches.  December is going to be my focus piece on Nightmare.  I'm using it for another Full Coverage Fanatics challenge.  It's called 20 in 20.  You do 20,000 stitches on one piece for a year.  I need about 9000 more stitches.

I will be back the end of December.

I want to wish all of you a wonderful and happy holiday season.  Hope Santa brings you lots of stitchy presents.


diamondc said...

Linda: Your design choices are wonderful, so youthful and fun, I love Peter Pan.
Youi have put in so many stitch's wowzer.
Have a great day


Poppypatchwork said...

You have been busy with the needle, they are all looking good.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice work! You can really see how much you've done when you start colouring in the designs!

Cathy said...

You've done a lot of stitching this month and all your designs are lovely.

Rachel said...

They're all looking great! I love watching each piece come to life as you fill them in. Keep up the good work! :)

Carol said...

These are all growing nicely, Linda! Have a wonderful December!

Faith... said...

You have certainly been busy with that needle Linda! Everything looks great and I look forward to seeing your month of progress on Nightmare!

Tiffstitch said...

Great to see all these together, and well done on the challenge! I didn't attempt it this month. I'm trying to organize myself a bit better for next year in Full Coverage Fanatics. Good luck getting more in on Jack!

An Arizona Stitcher I said...

I just love Jack! I hope you're doing alright. Sorry to see you had two er visits and chronic pain. I had wondered what happened to you and I'm glad to see you're still blogging somewhat. Wishing you a happy less painful 2021!

Preeti said...

All of these look great, Linda! I hope you are still blogging. I have been away for quite a long time.

Sarah said...

These stained glass patterns are so fun! I'd have a hard time choosing one.

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