CARS - AvroraCS

CARS - AvroraCS


Monday, February 2, 2015

Starts 27 - 32 DSDUCJFC

Hi Blogger Friends.  Boy am I a bad leader.  Six days behind in posting my starts.  BUT, I do have a really good excuse.  I was trying to finish part 3 of Sophie's Universe CAL so I could post it.  Needless to say I still have 3 rounds to go.  I have also been trying to reorganize my junk-stuff-stash from my marathon fabric cutting frenzy.  You know when your reorganizing you start at one spot or box that leads to I have to clean this area first which leads to the next area and the next, etc.  I think all I have done is made a bigger mess.  lol  I decided I better write my plans down.

1.  Finish putting stuff away from frenzy cutting.
2.  Organize 4 plastic boxes of aida fabric.
3.  Pick my next 27 starts (I do know what I'm starting tonight) instead of spending an hour everyday going through my 200 and whatever ziplock storage bags and try and decide what I want to start.
4.  I also have finished 1 piece this year so I get to start 5 more after the 28th so I need to decide on those.
5.  I need to do 15 rounds on Sophie's Universe CAL by Sunday when Part 5 comes out.  Of course now each round is taking longer as it gets bigger.  Mine is going to be ginormous.
6.  I need to do 5 rounds on the Mini Ring of Change CAL by Friday.
7.  I also need to work on a Corner to Corner that is an order.
8.  I have 8 days to work on my 10 Turtle Trot pieces to post on the 10th.
9.  I haven't touched YOTA - North Pole House in a couple of months and it's post is this Saturday.
10.  I haven't worked on my Saturday, Sunday or Monday SAL's in a couple of months.  Monday was the Bothy Threads Cut-thru SAL.  It has just about completely fizzled out.  I am dropping out of that one but will continue to work on my pieces (I hope).
11.  I need to separate my 800+ skeins of floss into some kind of order so it doesn't take me an hour to find one skein.
12.  I need to list all of my Etsy chart purchases, by designer, and put in my binder so I don't spend an hour looking to see if I already bought a chart that I just can't live without.
And I wonder why I've had a headache for the last couple months.

Why your here - my last 6 starts

Day 27 - Garden Cuties - Bee - Joan Elliott  (I love her designs but she uses way to many quarter stitches)

Day 28 - Garden Cuties - Ladybug - Joan Elliott

Day 29 - Joan Elliott Desk Calendar - WOCS - SAL with Mii.  Her's is done but at least mine is started.  (These were a gift from Rachel and will also count for Gifted Gorgeousness being hosted by Jo.

Day 30 - Griper's Club - Waxing Moon Designs   (This is so me)

Day 31 - Cinderella's Castle - Hornswoggle Store on Etsy - This is a SAL with Kate.  This is also the piece I will be stitching for the A New Stitchy Start 2015 SAL.  (I changed my mind on the original one I had started)  I think I'm really going to enjoy stitching on this one.

Day 32 - Christmas Bus - All Our Yesterdays  (This was a gift from Kaye and will count for Gifted Gorgeousness being hosted by Jo)

Now I need to go clean up the kitchen and then spend an hour trying to decide what I want to do from my list.

Thanks for looking.    Linda

PS  I'm working on replying to your awesome comments.


sharine said...

Good luck with your list Linda. Don't forget to enjoy and have fun as well:)

Faith... said...

Hope you can get organized Linda. You certainly have a large list of things to accomplish but I can see how it will help out in the long run. Good Luck!

Kate said...

LOL! Oh, I'm sorry, I'm not laughing at you. I'm laughing at me as I read your to-do list; it looks almost identical to mine! Just keep telling yourself the clocks will stop long enough to accomplish your crafty pursuits; that's what I do. Love your new starts, especially the Griper's Club. I'm a card-carrying member, too. Keep your priorities straight: cross stitch and crochet first, clean later (or never).

Katy said...

One thing at a time, and you'll get that list done in no time! Great starts! Good luck!

Carol said...

Love that All Our Yesterdays piece, Linda--it is so charming! Hope your organizing plans go well--looks like a lot of work lies ahead :)

Shelly said...

Quite a list there, Linda. I have faith in you to do it all, and you know, time sure goes by fast! Your new starts are cuteness and you're off to a great start on Cinderella's Castle.

Kaisievic said...

Wonderful list, Linda, you will get there, I am sure. I promise you, I have been starting, stitching and finishing, I just haven't much felt like postin ATM but I will get there, I promise!

Sarah said...

That's quite a list but I'm sure you will get there!

Anonymous said...

beautiful projects, good luck with the list..

Stitching Noni said...

Oh my goodness, I am exhausted reading your to do list! But I do know what you mean... Another good thing about this challenge is it made me organise my threads a bit better - I printed off the DMC listing and checked off every skein I had and how many (Funny how you end up with 5 of one number and seem to have heaps of numbers with zero's against them!!) Good luck with the to do list... and have fun doing the next lot of starts!
Thank you so much for organising this wonderful challenge in memory of Debbie - I hope we all get to do it again next year! I may even be brave enough to attempt 2 months!!
PS Love the JE designs :o)
Hugs xx

Claudette497 said...

Your starts look great! In my secret fantasy life I'm a professional organizer, so your to-do list makes my fingers itch - just remember, the more you start, the less stash you'll need to organize!

Tiki said...

I love all of your starts but that Cinderella Castle looks most interesting. I look forward to seeing more. Only 800 skeins of floss (just kidding) You know those cardboard photo boxes they sell at Michaels (and Joanns and so on) Those go on sale fairly often, so I got some and sorted my floss into those. You can break them down (100-300, etc) and some boxes even have the metal tabs to hold labels. They hold quite a few, on bobbins or not, and they come in many different designs. Just a thought. Also, I'm totally jealous of you having so many Etsy patterns you need a binder for them. What fun!

Thoeria said...

Yikes!! I'm exhausted reading your list, Linda!! Where do you find the time to stitch? :O
I love the new starts....those garden bugs are so cute!!!

Jan Gartlan said...

Nice choices

butterfly said...

Love all your new starts .

Mii Stitch said...

Wonder how you can keep up?? Your list is quite extensive :)
Great start & noticed you've started the little poodle!
Have fun with the re-organizing!!

Justine said...

I'm busy working on the poodle too! Love those Joan Elliott designs. I have faith in you Linda to achieve all your goals!

Preeti said...

Cute starts, Linda!! The castle one looks like a major project.
Good luck with your todo list. Maybe, if possible, you can take before and after picture of reorganising your crafty things and share on my Messy-to-Classy.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has run into the same problem. It started with cleaning up my stash room... which changed into re-organizing one thing which changed into a complete new set of shelves, containers and floss storage system! But it looks awesome now!

Sarah in Stitches said...

Oh wow, that's a huge to-do list! Good luck, Linda. Beautiful starts! :D

Tiffstitch said...

Yikes! Well with a to-do list that long I hope you'll be crossing things off quickly. :) Great starts and I agree with you about JE.

Anna van Schurman said...

Good luck with your list, Linda! I'd get some rings for the floss and put them on in alpha or numeric order depending on the type. It does help to be organized (though I so rarely am)!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I'm tired out just from reading the list too!

I agree with Anna, keep it simple to start with. Tell you what, pay my airfare and I'll come and organise your stitching room for you!!

Emma/Itzy said...

Great projects :D

Katie said...

I just love popping by your blog to see all your beautiful stitching. Love all your projects.

xs88fan said...

I love all your new starts, especially the Joan Elliots ones. They are adorable. Good luck on your organization.
Vicky L

Brigitte said...

You have some nice new starts here, Particularly the Joan Elliott ones have caught my eye. So much fun stitching ahead.
Wow, your list is overly impressive. And there are points on it that could be on my list as well - if I had one, lol. But I should have one, too, in order to avoid all that searching for one special thing.

Margaret said...

I don't know how you do it. But I sure do love seeing all your projects!

Vickie said...

Love your list! I make them to...your starts are fabulous especially the Cinderella Castle one!